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Allen Walker (Crown Clown claw)

2nd uniform


Last Updated: 06-08-2013

After watching D.Gray-Man the two characters I got really attached to were the Earl and Allen. Allen's so cute and cool, and I love his story... At first I had a hard time choosing which version I wanted to make. He wears so many cool outfits! I was going to make the first uniform but changed my mind because I wanted something more detailed... So I picked his second uniform with the Crown Clown claws version. I didn't really used to like the second uniforms but the design of Allen's evolved innocence was just so cool I knew I had to do it.

All in all it wasn't an overly challenging costume, and I finished it in around four months. A few times though I just didn't know how proceed but made it in the end. I love how it looks!

I mostly followed the artbook and manga pictures as my references, but took a few things here and there from the anime version. I'm going to write how I made the costume, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I chose pleather and PVC as the main materials for the uniform as I imagined they would have the right feel. I made all the patterns from scratch. After sewing the main part for the coat I added the lining, measured and folded the silver parts, and glued and sewed them onto the pleather. I was first going to glue them only, but I thought it looked better sewn. It was a challenge, though, because I had to force the fabric through the machine, and if I made even one mistake stitch, there would be a very visible hole on the PVC. I love the result, it just looks more carefully finished.

Now to the details of the uniform... The collar was really difficult to figure out. I spent some days only on that. When I finally started making it I had to remake it once and do several fixes later to get it accurate. I even made the silver lining for the top part even though it's not visible... It just bothered me not being there. XD The front piece on the collar attaches with velcro for easy removal. There are four zippers on the costume, all of them a rather difficult size and color to find. I didn't like the ones in the shops here so I asked a friend to send me some from a local store, and I love them! If it wasn't for her I would've been screwed. XD The big button on the chest of the coat I made myself from a modeling paste and papier mache base, with details from paper pulp.

My Black Order crest brooch was a birthday present from my boyfriend. I asked for it because I wanted to have a metallic crest, and I love it. X) I know it's not really visible but I feel it's one of the most important parts of the costume.

There are two belts on the costume. The bigger one has metallic silver rings (that were originally gold, they were the perfect size but I had to paint them) and two fully functional pouches. Those I made in only one day but I'm happy with the result, specially considering I had never before made any kind of pouch. I had no time to interface them properly, though, so I used thin cardboard to keep them in shape.

The boots are one of my favorite parts. They are permanent boot covers on a pair of old shoes I found at a flea market. I was very lucky to find them because they were just as I wanted: with a small, thick heel and a square front. They cost me half a euro. XD I made the boot covers from the same materials as the coat, interfaced them with some craft foam, and glued them on.

Now the real annoying part of this costume was the Crown Clown white hoodie. The base is very basic, made with altered shirt patterns, but figuring out and making the details took a great deal of patience. I even made the waffle-patterned lining just to realise nobody would ever see it because I had to sew the hood flat. Oh well, I'm happy just knowing it's there. XD I sewed long fake fur around the edges and on top of the hood, then made the three 'sausages' and sewed them under the edge. The silver cuffs are cereal box cardboard covered with PVC. They close with snap buttons and attach with velcro.

The mask that I wear on top of the hood was made with a posterboard base, modeling paste details, and papier mache covering. I would've used a ready made mask base but they tend to be so enormous I preferred to make one myself that fits my face perfectly. The mask changes a lot in every picture, so I decided to just use one reference from the manga. Making it was simple and I loved painting it with metallic acrylics. It has two of those hairclip-safety pin thingies in the back, for attaching it to both my costume and my face (or hair, whatever XD).

I made the left arm from a nice four-way stretch fabric I had around, and the rings and claws from posterboard and papier mache. They were gessoed, sanded, and painted with acrylics, and the cross on the palm was made from a piece of fabric. The claws were really difficult to attach to the base glove because I obviously couldn't glue them on while wearing them or they would just stick to my fingers and un-stick when I take them off... So I ended up stuffing the glove fingers with pieces of foam cut into the right shape and size, and now they more or less stay in place. The crown bracelet thingy is also thin cardboard covered with PVC. The two stripes are strips of PVC sewn in place.

I made the earring from a piece of plastic and a store bought earring base. It took less than half an hour to finish not counting the paint drying time. I thought this would be one of the details I wouldn't have the time for, but it turned out to be very simple.

The wig was a birthday present as well and I love it so much!! I would wear it all the time... I got stuck when I was styling it though, not knowing what to do, but I just started by snipping some hair here and there and I'm loving the result. XD It doesn't take hairspray that well which I found rather surprising as it's a top quality wig. Fortunately the style is simple, it just has to be fluffed once in a while to stay spiked. I styled the wig following an artbook image, which is fairly different from the anime. (I lovelovelove Allen's hair omg.)

The makeup I use for this costume is rather basic. Concealer and powder for the skin, eyeliner and mascara for the eyes. I also wear double-fold eyelid stickers to keep my eyes more open, and for the more boyish effect I use mousse foundation on my lips with just a bit of lip gloss. I paint my eyebrows white with fabric paint and a paintbrush. Very simple but gives great results. It's easy to apply and remove, too. The scar is lip liner. I let my boyfriend draw it on me for the con as he does it faster and better. XD

And what's left? The pants are an old pair from my closet, and the right hand glove I bought because I would've wasted at least a week making it. Under the coat I wear a home made binding corset. It's basically just a piece of cotton covered with wide tape, with a lace-up in the front (or back, however I decide to wear it). My old binding corset was made the same way and I find they work wonderfully. And they're super easy to use, cost nothing, and take less than an hour to make.

I attended the con Expomanga 2012 in Madrid with this costume, with Lavi and Millennium Earl. I didn't intend to enter the contest as Allen but I didn't have the time to finish my second costume, Dark Woods Circus Miku. Anyway, I thought, why not. XD I've uploaded a video of my walk-on performance here:

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Character Allen Walker (Crown Clown claw)
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