The Brigand/ Samila Khadim

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Last Updated: 08-10-2012

EDIT- SO my costume is FINALLY done. Had an official on-location photoshoot and everything now.

The first thing was the cape. I did a rush job for PAX, and well, most capes(my sister's Lightning cape comes to mind) kind of are supposed to fold, or blow in the wind...but Samila's has a very rigid and distinct shape, always. So I had to rip everything apart and interface it, now that I got some time to do so. Made the cape soooo heavy!! It pulls my shirt back, but I just fix it whenever it needs to be pulled forwards again so it's fine. The cape looks a million times better, even though ripping off and redoing all the trim was a hassle I didn't really need.

Then the belt. Needed to be redone, but I won't go into details unless you want them. I just learned velcro is not my friend.

Finally, I had to sew together and then hand embroider the shapes for the gloves and sleeves(those triangle pieces with the floral designs on them) and then embroider the sleeves themselves. Can we just say hand embroidery is hell on earth?! Not that it's hard, but just it takes soooo long!! But the result is absolutely amazing so I'm happy.

Just want to note- this costume is NOT complete yet. I just rushed to get it to the point where it was wearable, so I could wear it to PAX East. Stayed up each night from the prior Saturday, sewed at law school(anything I could hand sew at any rate), and sewed in the hotel at the convention, but it was just not possible to finish in time, and I knew it.

Look out for the finished product- and some professional photography of it!- coming next month.

As for now... AC, why, why do you have to have so many little details that are not noticeable until someone starts in on the costume?! I swear Ubisoft is full of sadists....

The leggings are completely hand embroidered. That is what took the most time, and I hated every moment of it. However, I wanted this costume to be GOOD, and if you look closely at Samila's leggings, you can see that they have been hand embroidered. The stitching is uneven and has a style and texture indicative of hand sewing. So I first thought of taking the easy way out and trying to use ribbons(I do that for costume design a lot) or use my machine to embroider, but nope. It looks perfect the way I did it.
The collar of the shirt is also hand embroidered, per the video game art, and has the beading seen in the ACR character design shots, which I actually did in the car on the way to Boston last Friday.

The spear is made of wood, and it was hard to make, mostly because it was sooo damn hard to get any good shots of it(and therefore to know its actual size). I had to take photos of my TV, but problem is, the characters sway back and forth when you look at them standing there in ACR during the character selection screens, so it was hard to get non-blurry pictures of her. I thought the spear was thick, I was going to make the head out of clay... Thank God I got my TV photos finally, because actually the spear head is extremely thin, and it just so happened we had the perfect wood lying around. Then I just had that all spray-painted in the proper colors and did some never again.

I think the hardest thing was the belt. I don't want to think about those fun times, at the hotel Friday night and Saturday afternoon...I wanted to die.
If you need to know about the belt, ask me. Otherwise, I'd rather forget all of that fun.

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