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Oh My Miki Sayaka.
Itís SPOILERS TIME, so if you havenít watched the whole series yet, than YOU REALLY SHOULD. Do not waste time anymore and go watch it and cry and then come back here.]

Hyperness, stubborness, loyalty, music, love and then the ease to fall down with all your values, realizing how much idealism you put in everything you did. ďWhat was I fighting for?Ē
If youíre just like Miki but you donít want her tragedy to happen, then you usually end up becoming like Kyoko, hating yourself forever, punishing your past and present self with some healthy hysterical bulimia, tsunderism and lonelyness), thatís APPROXIMATELY what I did. So now why not Kyouko cosplay even if 10/10 of my friends would kinda force me to do that ĖlolĖ? Itís because Sayaka ďMade me remember that Iím fighting because I loved stories when justice prevailsĒ and in some ways Iím admitting that Miki was more honest, yet suicidal, to herself as a fictional character. So poetic.
She soon reached the typical idealists euphoric happiness and typical chivalrish values of respect, friendship and love.
The one who canít stand seeing pain in the one she love
saved her lover, saved her rival, saved her friend who all had always been unable to save her from true lonelyness. Then she realized her new, horryfing, shameful nature, fought alone for the last time and soonly got mad.
So the martyr loosed her own battle with realityÖ. well, character like these usually die after about 8 episodesÖ and Iím mad at this: why do not anime studios take their responsibilities and let them become protagonists? [Ödouble spoiler, maybe?]
Anyway, after all it is soon made clear that Kyouko was suicidal too, and for the same reasons.
When I listen to Puella Magi OST (which is one of the reasons why I love this show) I think about Miki Sayaka story during 60% of the whole music. Thereís so much space in the anime that is dedicated to her descent into delirium and it is all so filled with this music that I adore.
Iím really in love with this character cause it makes me remember my own mistakes and good intentions of the past, strangely real and bittersweet memories. In fact you can see, in the last episode, that even if she doesnít no more exist she is still someway touched by her own fate and strangely happy for her wish to be granted despite all the rest.


Being Cosplayer is Suffering
I have been quite hating the charadesigner not only for those huge eyes and faces, but for putting in every costume ugly and unnecessary things, too (ex. Mami muffs and tights stolen from Mephisto, Mikiís strange pieces of clothing on the skirt and the stupid idea to make her boots out of a turquoise that clashes with all the other colours in the costume, the horrible white stripes in Kyoukoís boots, the exaggerated linearity in Homuraís costumeÖyeah, the only perfect costume is Madokaís, and Iím never going to wear it).
I put the whole costume up inÖwaitÖ5 MONTHS OMG IíM SLOW. The reason is that I made it while attending school and I actually had really short time. However Iím still slow, because I always think A LOT about HOW things should be made before doing them, when it comes to things I care about.
I really didnít want to be rush.
Just to say, Mikiís corset has been hangin round my room for 5 months. It became a piece of furniture.
Corset: it was made of a rigid bra glued with some carton to make it longer, glued in the inside to make it tougher, covered with two-way stretch satin shiny fabric to have the right effect as shown in the anime. The use of carton was a fail idea: I didnít succeed in washing it decently after the cosplay skit during Video Games Show and I had to put it up again messing with some plastic for the photoshooting.
The lower white part is made of 2 way strech cotton to avoid seams again. I think Iíll improve it soon. Buttons are little golden very deatailed rhombuses.
The skirt is a box pleated skirt (tutorial found on Youtube) that I made asymmetrical positioning properly the white ribbon with pins.
The blue pieces are made out of the reverse of the fabric surplus from the corset in order to have the same colour but not the same shine and are pin to the skirt properly so that they appear better than they should.
Belts are all modified with original golden buckles, and hot glue here fails 5/10 times so that I always end up repairing it.
little boots are made out of longer purple boots with the help of acrylic, scissors and hot glue.
Gloves are entirely sewn by hand and it was awful just as it seems: I hate sewing gloves and Iím bad at sewing gloves, but I was sick of spending 5 Ä(about 7 $) for a bland pair of gloves made out of a wrong bland fabric.
I chose instead the opportunity to make a really well worn ones, very Medieval ones (In fact theyíre so broken that they could come from 1300 or something like that); plus, they have sharp corners where they should have curve. I do know I should have used a reverse curved pattern to make them right but who cares, i like sharp corners.
White leggins are bought and then modified at the top.
I would have sewn them entirely but the fabric wasnít strech enough and this was the cheapest way.
The soul gem is stolen from a wonderful moon necklace i found on the internet.
the cape is asymetrical on purpose.
the wig is a last minute one (when I found out that my Kamina wig made me appear like Kamina cosplaying Miki I realized I should choose another one ._.) DESperetely cut into the right (?) haircut. Well, i made my best.
The sword is something I originally ordered because I had to live, too, but then I ended up repairing it because the one that I got was quite ugly and fragile. I made the blade, painted gold again and lined the hilt with leather.
This is such a difficult costume to wear. It makes me appear squat. I think Iíll improve it in the future and find new expedients.
All photos were taken by Kikacch, but Iíll probably make another photoshooting in the future, so stay tuned ☺


Best Couple Prize (VGS 2012)

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