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This was my first time ever making a costume from scratch, minus little things which I heavily modded, and the boots.

I dropped, god I don't even know how much money on making this. This costume was very last minute as I only had a two months notice for my group, only one of which other than me who pulled through.

Heavily referenced my X-2 Yuna action figure for details. Everythin was hand sewn unless otherwise noted.
Shirt - Originally a regular white tanktop with a built in bra. First I cut straight down the center to create the V. I then tore the bra out, cut the straps, before sewing the bra pads back in.

I made the center 'bridge' across the top out of a small piece of elastic. The white straps coming up from the start of the v cut, up underneath the hood, are each a long piece of heavy duty ribbon that I folded over and made into straps.

The straps tie up around the neck, under the hood to keep the shirt straight and up. I also have clear tank-top style straps holding the shirt up on my shoulders, for extra support.

After this I cut the slit straight down to the bottom, and hemmed the now open V. There are four clasps at the bottom that attach the shirt togethr and keep it secure, and the chest piece open.

Ribbed ribbon was sewn across the entire shirt from the breasts down, horizontally, to give the 'rib like' appearance Yuna shirt has.

There is a light pink layer of fabric at the bottom of the shrit, with a darker pink lace sewn over completely. The circular shapes at the bottom were hand cut and added on. The white lace strips were cut into said pattern and sewn on as well.

A single strand of golden rope like material is running across the shirt near the bottom.

Zanarkand Abes Symbol - I hand drew a pattern on paper and cut it out. I then pinned the paper to some fake leather fabric I have and cut that out.

I sewed this directly onto the shirt. It's at an angle that still enables me to unclasp the shirt and put it on easily over my head. It reclasps after, closing the shirt up and positioning the symbol in the correct place.


Hood - The pink hood is from a home-made pattern I created based off one of my 'hoodie's hood'. it's sewn together in the front and slips on over my head. There's a metal hook on each side underneath, that hooks around the white straps that tie up around the neck, to keep the hood straight and secure and from slipping. *Hood was sewn with sewing machine.

Shorts - Some blue swim shorts I have been saving for YEARS in case I ever did this cosplay. I modded them slightly.

Side Skirt - I got really really lucky with this. My boyfriend's mom had given me a really beautiful blue skirt that slowly goes from darker to lighter blue, gradient wise. It's made out of really light flowy material. I had this in my closet and ended up cutting it up to match this size and folding it over.

I went through a ton of lace trying to find a good match for what I wanted. There's a small strip of ribbon sewn across each section horizontally, and the lace is sewn directly onto it underneath, to keep a flowy appearance rather than directly sewn onto the blue fabric.

The blue belt the skirt is attached to and ties around the waist with, is straight up matching blue spandex strips. Ties directly on the side into a not securing it tightly. The extra strips are there for appearance and are hot glued on.

Arm Bands - Yellow fabric I cut and hand sewn into these arm bands. Cut holes along the front of each side and very thin black ribbon makes up the X's and secures them to the arm. *Black stiching along the top and bottom done with a sewing machine.

Braid - Thankfully found a tutorial on this off of youtube! Got a 5 ft piece of rope at home depo. Four or five rolls of matte red ribbon. Hand braided down in the diamond pattern and sewn tightly at the bottom.

The top is connected to a long metal hair clip, that pins up inside the wig.

The bottom has an extension of brown wig hair banded tightly to the hair tail. Wrapped around this is a hand-dyed gradient cloth sewn and tied with purple ribbon.

Belt / Pouch - I thankfully found a tutorial for this to! The belt and pouch are made of fake suede. The belt is cut up into various pieces and sewn tightly around the various buckles.

The pouch was made out of two pieces of card board, and the fabric super glued around it and sewn into the desired shape. It is real working and clasps closed.

The silver studs were sewn on, as was the light brown string...things.

The belt deocrations were two very large circular beads that have yevon-looking designs on them. Super glued to the middle of each is a simple blue flat marble. Both of these were sewn and glued onto the belt.

Earring - Bought this beautiful earring off of ebay last year for my FFX Summoner Yuna costume.

Necklace - Bought for my FFX Yuna cosplay. it unfortunately broke so I had to rig it for this con.

Wig - Bought a really lovely base wig off of ebay, and styled it myself. The wig hooks actually broke on this the third time I put it on because I was being a bit rough. So it's secured with a safety pin, which ended up for the best as it helped hold my Braid up into the wig.

Boots - Bought look alike boots off of ebay. Swapped out the laces for white crafting rope I got, had to attach it to wire to get it through the lower and upper holes, tied tightly.

Guns - Bought some toy guns off of ebay, painted them with gold metallic paint, and spray painted a glaze over.

Bracelet - Hand made out of fake leather. Secured with some black ribbon.

I hadn't even tried the full costume on before con, so this was definitely an experience! I'm surprised everything held up as well as it did. Thankfully no repairs beyond my necklace need to be made.

I do however want to do a lot of tweaking, as I noticed some things as I was wearing this.

1.) My earring was on the wrong ear the whole time which sucked. Definitely fixing this next time!

2.) The armbands kept slipping down and were not high up enough. Originally I was going to make it so they velcrowed together, but I ran out of time. So I'll be experimenting with this at a later date.

3.) The shorts looked really off to me in pictures, I might tweak them slightly, not sure what I'll do.

4.) My braid came out too long. I did not have the patience to fix it, or try to. I may make a new braid from scratch, or just cut this one down to size.

5.) The guns I want to actually make out of wood or something. These bases I had were way too tiny for my personal liking.

6.) For the shirt I want to add the second golden braided rope across the front, and maybe touch up the Zanarkand Abes symbol some.

Overall: I was really happy with how this came out! I didn't get to wear it as long as I would have liked considering the time and effort I put into it. The whole thing is really comfortable, but it can get exhausting with the earring's weight, the braid pulling and the wig. My biggest gripe was my boots weren't worked in ahead of time, and my panty hose was pulling painfully at the tips of my toes. ( which I eventually fixed by cutting the toe portion off on the fabric. )

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