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Road Kamelot

36 year form


Last Updated: 06-30-2012

I did this cosplay with my best friend, Alyssa (Leenalee) and my cousin, Scotty (Allen). At first it was just going to be Alyssa and I, but then we decided that we needed an Allen, and that's how my cousin got sucked into all of this.
The dress is made of white vinyl. When I went to go buy the vinyl, I forgot that fabrics come in all different widths, and that I am smaller than I think, it had also been a long time since I had been to the fabric shop, and so I walked out with 5m of white vinyl, when I really only needed 1.5m. It turned out kind of ok though, because I stuffed up the first dress, so I had to make another one. I still have no idea what I am going to do with the leftover 2m though. Anyway, so I made a duct tape pattern for the dress. The front stays together via three silver chains, and theres a zip at the back. The skirt was a real terror. My dad did most of the work, because... He can solder properly. It is an umbrella that has a ring soldred to it and all the metal inside the ring cut out so it can go around my waist, and all the little joints where it normaly folds up are solderd so they can't bend. All of the fabric was cut or burnt away from the slodering iron. There was one failed umbrella before we got one that worked, because it turns out some umbrellas have a coating on the metal that makes it so it won't solder. The sucessful umbrella was made of spring steel, so it was a bit less of a hazard in hallways, because it bent when people ran into it. The 'petal' skirt was also a duct tape pattern on the umbrella, before the fabric was cut away. The umbrella can be taken on and off so I can sit down and such, and it stays attached to the dress by simpily tucking the end of each finger into little 'pockets' at the tip of each 'petal'. The pockets are just two rows of stiches about 1.5cm long and about 1cm apart, nothing fancy.
The jacket was an absolute nightmare, not so much to make, but to wear. At first it was just going to be a basic jacket and I was going to burn holes in the sleeves, because that's what it looked like on the cover art. However, as I started to study the actual manga pages more closely, it looks like the 'sleeves' are just ribbons wraped around her arms. Of course, by this time, I had already sewn the jacket. So, me, being me, made an entirely new jacket. It used the same pattern as the first one, only without the sleeves. The 'sleeves' are ribbons, I think they are about 5m long (Hahaha, me and my bad memory) There are two lenghts of ribbon for each arm, and they join at my hands with hook and eyes. The bows on her hands was made of thicker ribbon and hand sewn on. I need a helper to put it on (In this case, Alyssa's mum was the helper) and the night before the convention Alyssa and I covered all of the ribbon with fashion tape, which is how it stays in palce. The jacket is probably the most uncomfortable part of the costume, I can't bend my arms properly, and for a while I almost had to take it off because it felt like it was cutting of the circulation to my arms.
The shoes were bought on e-Bay for somthing like $80. This turned out to be redicuously expensive for the quality they came. Some of the leathery paint stuff was coming off a minute after I got them out of the box, I could kind of fix this though, because I was going to pait them, but It was still poor quality. Also, halfway through the convention, I had do superglue one of the soles back on, because it was starting to come off. The shoes I bought had bows on them, but they got cut off. My nan made the pom poms, because she's super fast at making them ( I started out making them, but she just ended up doing them herself, because she knew what she was doing). The pom poms are tied onto the shoe( stabbing shoes with pointy objects is really fun!), and hot glued for good mesure (and to stop them from floping around so much). The white parts were done with shoepaint, I used up nearly a whole bottle!
The stockings were just normal stockings that I burnt holes into. Burning the holes was really tedious, and I looked really stupid. The stokings needed to be around my leg as I burnt the hole, so to stop my leg from getting burnt, I had al-foil under the spot where I was burning. I went through one lighter and a box of 80 matches in the process.
This costume was my first time trying contact lenses. The ones I got were Dolly Eye browns, I'm not sure why they are called brown, because they are yellow, but that's just me I guess. It was also really great to be able to see throughout the entire convention too, although I hardly ever wear my glasses, but I have really horrible vision, and I can't see clearly unless what I'm looking at in 2 feet infront of me. I bought the contacts off Pinky Paradise. They were really good, and I got an adorable lense case for free too! The lenses are pretty comfortable, although, as I said, I haven't had past experience with lenses before, so I can't really judge.
I already had the wig from dad's Sebastian cosplay, and I just spiked and styled it. The wig is from MoeMall.
I had a candle as a prop. The cone is made of cardboard, and the wax is hot glue. The flame lights up, i got it from a battery operated tealight candle, hovever, before we went on stage for the cosplay comp, the battery fell out, so I couldn't switch it on. The candle also doubled as my bag, the top lifts up and there is a little pocket inside for my money. The top stays shut with velcro. It has padding on the inside, because it was also meant to carry my phone, however, before the convention I decoed it, and it also had a million straps hanging off of it, so it wouldn't fit in the candle anymore. Alyssa ended up carrying both of our phones in her bag.
All in all, it was a great cosplay and an awsome learning experience. I met some cool people at he convention ( that's you Heaven and your-friend-I-can't-remember-the-name-of-I'm-sorry!) And I doscovered that my skirt acts as an anti-hug barrier, which sucks, because I love hugs. Anyway, hope atleast some of that was heplful or entertaining to you, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I will do my best to help! Thank you!

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