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Oh wow, where to start! This costume seriously was a huge adventure for me but in the end i managed to reach my dream and got selected as solo ECG 2013 qualifier - something i really wished that could come true :)

The idea of Demon Hunter costume started last year when i was picking costume for EC 2012 finals. In the end i left this cosplay for later and so it was being completed slowly part by part for 2 months.

Most of the armor was made out of Wonderflex and EVA foam. I learnt so much about Wonderflex and pattering thanks to this costume! The crazy shapes i had to achieve were available only with the special cut patterns, alot of heat gun forming and lots of patience. Also, i expirimented alot with diffrent materials i used to avoid - such as normal paper, fake leather, metal or so.

Firstly, the armor. As mentioned before it was mostly made out of Wonderflex - the number of layers of it depended on the look of armor peice i had to achieve. Some parts are made out of 2 layers of Wonderflex with foam, some are only one. Each one was ended up with little wonderflex strip i heated upon the candle and formed around the edges - this took so much time, i swear! My patience was expieriencing worst time ever! Also i put special base paint on every piece which gave it little bumpy-graphite look i loved.Each part also had it special pattern i had to form individually to achieve this weird forms.
Parts i whould like to highlight are definietly the chest armor, shoulder demon-armor and the helmet. Chest armor was built on plastic mannequin base with some wonderflex at the front and EVA foam at back. I used the velcro to close them up together at the sides. It was such a problem to me to figure out the collar thing - it didnt want to fit nicely no matter what! In the end it was made ut of few parts to fit well. The shoulder part, little demon we named Greg (lovely name for a demon, isnt it) was made out of styrofoam ball with somewonderflex, expanding foam, paper mache, paper for the horns and friendly plastic for the teeth. Wow! So much materials in one piece?D: But indeed, it was quite challenging part i had to put all week work in - in the end i was really satisfied. Last part to talk more about is helmet - here i wasnt fully happy with the shape of it but its still one of the most loved parts of the costume to me. I made it ouf of about 5 EVA foam pieces to fit nicely. For horns i decided at organic look that you can notice at shoulder part. I guess it macthes the rest of the costume fine!

Next thing is the painting. I used all my shadowing skills i have and i'm pretty happy with the result - costume had been painted with over 20 diffrent types and shades of silver, gray, black, brown, copper, gold etc, etc paints... so crazy! But i wanted it to look just like the real steel. I'm glad my painting skills are getting better and better with each costume!

For the corset part i had to use two diffrent corsets for this costume - first had steel parts and it gave me this waist i aimed for :) Then i put orginal lime-olive corset ont he top, it was such a hard piece to make! At the sides i attached wonderflex armor starps connected to the leather straps with potions, little real shark fangs, leather bags etc. I loved this little items which gave the idea of Demon Hunter invetory. Next thing was the trousers which were made out leather-like fabric with some leather straps at the thighs.Last fabric part was my red scarf i specially 'worn out' with acid and burnt to achive this torn look.

To achive this tall-waisty-unrealistic look with my tiny body posture i used 12 cm high heels hidden under the armor - it was such an adventure to walk in them but thanks to the past expierences in this kind of shoes i managed to walk freely around the convetion and stage. :)

Weapon was made out of wood and foam, i decided to make one of the in game crossbow designs. The best pat of my weapon is that it actually shoots arrows! I used this trick at my stage skit.

Last but my most loved part was make up. Since i decided to make this costume i was sure i will go for this scarred, boody look for a serious hunter! I used the fake latex scars kits, some fake blood and alot of black eye shadow - thankfully there were my friends to help me become little monster! Then i added red lenses, black long wig and it was done.In the end i was really happy about the make up and felt great haunting people with it.

Overall i'm glad i managed to pull out this costume but still there is many things i would love to remake and change. Hopefully i will do some of this for my photoshoot!

Stage skit ( cut a bit of the first and last seconds: ) was real deal for me since i used the pyrotechnics on stage! Check it out:


Polish solo qualifier for European Cosplay Gathering 2013 - Mokon3

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