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So, I made this bad boy (hah, pun intended) in about 2 weeks, which is like a major record for me.
Seifer-sama already had her Terra as well as and Edgar and Sabin and I had always planned on doing Locke, but just kept putting it off, or something else would come up. But about 3 weeks before SakuraCon 2013, I got a bug up my butt and also wanted it to be a surprise for Seifer-sama and just said, "F@#$ it! I don't want to be lame and have just one cosplay! I'm making him!" And I did!
This is one of my favorite cosplays I've made to date. He was super easy and super fun because I basically used whatever colors and fabrics I wanted! He has no set design, as we all know how straight forward and easy-to-read Amano's art is.... sarcasm So I went crazy with him and just bought pretty much any color that caught my eye. I did sort of lean towards a blue scheme with him, but I tried to make sure I had plenty of other colors in there balance him out, mostly in the jewelry and his scarves.

Nearly 95% of him was bought in the fashion district in LA and the rest at Joanns, Bolts in the Bathtub and ebay. Yes, I know I am lucky and get ebay orders instantly. =P And most, if not all of his jewelry, I already had. >:3 That's what happens when you are a bead-hoarder.

Every piece of clothing, save the boots and belt(which I got lucky and already had) was made from scratch, with no patterns and no pre-planning.
The pants, jacket and gloves are all made from a super thin, super soft, stretchy leather, that I had to barter with the guy over for like 30 minutes.... and I still had to pay 10 dollars a yard for. -_- But I will admit, it is good quality leather. I had to be very careful with it, as the feed dogs in my sewing machine tore it up and left marks in it. And they also had a hard time feeding it through... for some reason.

The pants I made in a day, and just used a pair of jeans as reference, (and they still came out too damn short!) I originally wanted pockets and for them to be fully functioning, but with the time constraints and issues I ended up having, I just tossed that out the window and only added belt loops. I made the front a button-up opening and I got SUPER lucky and had a magnetic snap that I got on clearance at Joanns way forever ago and it worked PERFECTLY for the pants! Was so excited about that. I also made sort of faux legs at the bottoms. They look as if they are regular length pants, tucked into my boots, but they really have a flat strip of leather sewn at the bottom (think of a REALLY wide hem-line) that fits around my leg and right inside the boots without cramming them full of fabric.

The shirt had to be altered slightly as, yes, I am female and yes the girls are gigantic, and yes, I have to wear a compression vest, so no, I could not wear a true poet's style shirt, like I had wanted. So I just made a super quick, sleeveless top that's extra long and tucks into my pants. I had my slave glue on all the rhinestones—an extra bit of bling to add to him because I thought the shirt was just too boring without it. I also lined the shirt, as the zebra print fabric was extremely thin.

The jacket was one of the hardest parts. Mostly the sleeves and collar (I always seem to have problems with those parts... >.>) and I had to keep putting it down and walking away from it because it was frustrating me so badly. In the end I finally got it work... for the most part. I actually used an extra long denim jacket I own, for reference and then just shortened it to the length I wanted. The flaps in the front, are separate from the collar and in order to keep it in place I had to sew the trim on in such a way that it forced the flaps to stay folded out. I added faux pockets in the front—something else my slave made. >:D I then moved to the back and knew I needed a design for it, but with the short amount of time I had left, there was no way I could applique something or come up with an original design, so I started looking at all the different fabrics I had gathered for him (and gone a little crazy with) and one night I just happened to look over and see the main pattern in some red fabric I had and I thought it was perfect! I fray checked it, as it was brocade and frayed like crazy, then cut it out and actually glued it directly onto the leather, since I couldn't iron anything without worrying about melting something (not to mention, leather is very difficult to iron stuff onto) and had to go out and buy MORE trim to line the outside of the design with and cover up my mistakes. I also bought some of those iron-on patches in the shapes of peacock feathers (as that seemed to be a running theme with my Locke) and glued them on at the bottom of the whole thing.
As for the arms, I knew they had to have something as well and I had found these abstract necklace charms in the fashion district when I had gone shopping for him that I thought would look perfect and I glued and sewed them on with clear string for reinforcement as they are quite heavy.... but then I had nothing for the other arm... I solved that dillema by just tying one of the scarf remnants around it. (and then of course, promptly forgot them at the con)

The gloves, ironically enough were the hardest part of the whole stupid thing and I ended up having to get my Aunt's help. I honestly couldn't even tell you what the hell I did to make them fit, I went through, altogether, about 5 versions before I got them right, just know... gloves are a pain in the ass to make... and you should probably go with a pattern. The wrapping around them I bought pre-made in the fashion district, it is also real leather and I just added some fancy trim to give them more of a punch.

The scarves on my head.... well I made a “hat-base” out of fun foam and then carefully wrapped and glued each piece of fabric around it after testing them out on my own head to see how I wanted them to look and make the folds look natural. I bought the large peacock plumage a long time ago at Joanns and just stuck that in there and made the small cameo feather broach from my mother's parakeet's feathers. I also made 3 real hat pins that are removable as well as all the beaded strands wrapped around it. It's easy to slip on and off and I don't have to worry about remembering how I got it all on the time before.... although it does sit really high on my head and makes me look like a derp... so I have to mess around with my real hair and how it sits under the wig for next time.

The wig I bought already cut and “styled” off ebay, which didn't really matter as the scarves were covering most of it. Which is a good thing because it's extremely thin. I did have to trim a little bit of length off the front as I looked like a sheep dog when I first put it on, but that was the extent of my styling it!

I made a leather pouch from scratch that I used to store all my stuff in while wandering around the con. I did use a different, slightly heavier leather than whats used for the rest of the costume, but it's still too flexible, so I am going to go back and reinforce the pouch with some felt or stabilizer so it can keep it's shape better. I bought the buckles from a metal/leather shop and made every single piece on the pouch myself, from the straps, to the looping and the flaps and all. It was a lot of fun once I figured out the mechanics of it.

The dagger I also made completely from scratch! The blade is balsa wood(as I did not have time to use anything else and screw around with cutting real wood) and the handle is fimo clay. It is made in 3 separate parts that I attached it together with a wooden dowel and E6000. I drew out the design from a conglomeration of about 4 different swords/daggers as I didn't like any one design and I couldn't make out Amano's version for crap. I used some blue leather strips to add detail and cover up any mistakes and gluing and added a few jewels here and there and then sprayed the crap out of it with a super glossy varnish and I was done! I didn't have time to make a sheathe for it, but I plan on fixing one of before the next con so I don't have to carry it around EVERYWHERE.

Oh! I would also like to point out the super awsome yellow glass bottle I have hanging from my hip... A little bonus buy I made for myself AT the con. I wanted one so bad, as it only makes sense that Locke would have a ton of crap on him, since he is a thief, but I did not have the time or money to buy one online. There are vendors at nearly every con that sell these medieval utensils and I bought that little bottle for 10 bucks! It came with the leather holder and everything and it snapped right around my belt like it was made for it! My next splurge for him with be a lock-picking set. >:3

Overall the costume still cost around 150, not counting the stuff I already owned prior to the fashion district trip.... probably would have been way cheaper if I didn't let that damn leather guy con me into buying his stuff....

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