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Last Updated: 10-14-2006

My cosplay group, Underground Cosplay, came up with this FABULOUS masquerade skit idea involving Clow Reed and the four elemental Clow Cards, Earthy, Windy, Watery, and Firey... in the skit, the four cards *combine their powers* and Clow Reed turns into Captain Planet xD! It was basically that idea that spawned this costume... although I also love CCS, and the Watery Card happens to be my favorite card ^___^.

This costume was pretty fun/challenging to make. Probably half of the time I spent on this costume was spent simply pondering how the heck I was going to do it. The Watery is this ethereal water-esque... being... her form is never the same. Countless sketches and brainstormings were mustered before I even touched a scrap of fabric, and that just served to make the actual creation of the costume go much more smoothly. ^___^

The first thing I made was the skirt. The skirt was what *unifed* our group’s Clow Card costumes together, since we all used the same pattern for our “ethereal train.” Since none of the Clow Cards actually have bodies, this seemed like a reasonable solution to us ^^;. The difficulty with Watery is that her picture on the card clearly has a mermaid tail, but when she’s out flying around attacking things, she just has an unending body of watery nothingness… >___>. I opted for a hybrid of the two ideas xD.

The base of the skirt is blue crepe that’s roughly the same color as my body suit and paint. On top of that, I used an overlay of this AWESOME chiffon-like substance that LadyAmaryllis and I found in downtown LA *___*. I really don’t know how to explain this stuff, you really need to see it in person to understand it, but it’s like… all crimped and wavy, and it changes various colors of blue/purple when you move it around. It was the PERFECT fabric to make a rippling never-ending ethereal water body mass thing… it’s probably my favorite fabric that I’ve ever used on anything ever… my eternal thanks go to Amaryllis for making me buy it <333333

The mermaid tail and the skirt are attached together on the same waistband. The tail is casa collection matte satin that I got at Joann’s, and I sewed all the sequins on to make it look scaley <3. The fin part of the tail is this fabulous silk that has the same liney-texture that watery’s fins have on the face of the card :D. I bought the silk in white and dyed it to match the casa satin, which turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated ^___^. I rigged the fin with wires to make it stick out like the position on the card.

The body suit was pretty easy… It’s just blue lycra, nothing fancy. I used interfacing for the “hip fins”. The fun part of the body suit was making webbed hands xD! I just took a sleeve pattern and traced the shape of my hand at the end, but not in between the fingers. It originally looked kinda like a mitten. To make the webs, I put stitches to section off the places where my fingers would go, and the extra fabric in the middle made the webs. I then painted the webs with acrylic paint that was a slightly darker blue than the fabric so the webs would stand out more ^__^. I finished off the look by gluing fake nails to the tips of the gloves… of course, I filed them all to points and painted them blue, so they’d look like claws X3.

The wig. Ugh. This was the most obnoxious part of this costume ^^;;. It started out white, and I attempted to dye it using the sharpie + rubbing alcohol method, but it didn’t work. So then I proceeded to color the wig by hand… which, on a 40 inch wig, it takes a while xD! My hands were blue for weeks. I went through about 20 powder blue sharpies, all of which I had to special order off the internet ^^;;. It was good times.

The beads that I put in the wig were one of the first ideas I came up with when designing this costume, so I was really excited to do it. I strung the pearls on translucent jewelry wire and sewed the ends of the wire into the scalp of the wig. Unfortunately, the pearls and wire move around a lot more than anticipated, so after a couple hours of wear my wig was tangled to high heavens ^^;;. It looks really cool in pictures and I’m glad I did it, but holy cow, my wig is pretty much entirely destroyed and I’ve only worn it three times T 3T

The make up I used was Kryolan Aquacolor that I bought from :D!! Yaaaay, cosworx! I’m seriously their biggest fan. I wanted to make sure that my makeup matched perfectly, so I asked Kyle if I could snail-mail him a sample of my fabric for him to match up for me… they were seriously soooo helpful, and the makeup he chose matched perfectly :D! I can’t even say how thrilled I was xD! The makeup also went on really smoothly, and it washed off super-easy too… even after 9 hours of wear >___>

I think that’s it! Wow, this costume was really fun to make and wear… I got to use so many fabulous fabrics, and I was SOOOO blue! My group and I had been planning our *evil* little skit for so long, even now I can’t believe that we actually did it :D. Yay Underground Cosplay!!! *hugs everyone*


Judges Award at Anime Expo 2006 Best in Show at Anime Expo 2006

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