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Last Updated: 06-01-2007

This is gonna be my first costume, so I'm making it a good one. We dont get too many cosplay events over here in England, so I've gotta make this one count. I chose Android 18 because she's pretty simple to do, but I think it'll be effective. I've made the jacket and the skirt (just need to add pockets to the front of the skirt and add buttons to the jacket). I found the most brilliant royal blue canvas/denim type material in a shop, and just fell in love with it - it was so perfect. I didnt really want to go down the easy route all the other cosplayers I've seen have with just wearing plain old denim. I've got the wig - it's a little bit long, but I think it'll do. Might consider cutting it off a bit, but my hairdressing skills probably arent good enough! I think it's close enough though. I had a look on the internet, but decent wigs that dont have fringes are quite hard to find!

Update - now got the Red Ribbon logo on the back of the jacket and the white lettering, and it's looking pretty good! I sewed the sleeves onto the top last night, and it's being washed before I put the stripes on it. Also bought some leggings to wear with it, and the boots are in the post (got them off eBay! ^_^) Almost done now! Just need pockets on the front and straps for the belt. Once my boots come, I'll get a belt the same colour (or close enough), then I know how big the straps need to be to hold the belt, and how far down the pockets need to start.

Another update - now got the buttons on, and it's looking good! Hell, those buttons were so annoying. I had to put them on with a hammer! Then a load of them broke (I couldnt figure out how they went on), so I had to go out and buy more! But the important thing is they're on my jacket now.
Also, my boots arrived in the post yesterday! Woohoo!
Plus, I'm getting mum to help me cut my wig to the right length tonight. I've done a little bit of the front while I was wearing it, but I'm definitely not doing any more myself. I can't afford to ruin this wig, because I dont have time to order a new one if this goes wrong. Plus, I bought some stockings to make my wig cap! Woohoo! Various charities must benefit so much from my cosplaying. Half of the costumes in my wardrobe have some item from a charity shop. ^_^

Will upload more photos soon - the one on here is so dated now.

Update! - The costume is pretty much done now. Need to do a bit of slight restyling to my wig and tidy it up, but other than that it's done! I took a load of photos the other night of the costume, being worn and not being worn, but forgot to get them off my camera! Will upload them tomorrow.

ANOTHER Update! - This'll probably be the final one. The cosplay event has been and gone, and I had a fantastic time. Even though I didnt win the cosplay competition, the girl who won it had a fantastic costume, so I'm not disappointed. I've got a ton of photos, but unfortunately my computer has died, and my media card reader has gone with it, so I dont know when I'll be able to upload them. I'll do my best though!

1st June 2007 - looks like I'll be wearing this costume to ALcon in September, so I'm doing a little maintenance. The stripes on my shirt weren't done with permanent ink, and they've come into contact with water at some point, and run just the tiniest bit in the most unnoticable place. Still, it gets on my nerves so I'm remaking the top. I think the base top I'm using is actually more accurate than the original one I used, even though it's probably too small for me, but hey. There is no slack fabric on it at all. It's a size large as well, but it's still tiny. I'd hate to see a size small! It's stupid sizes like that that make people anorexic. I'll admit there are places my body pokes out that I'd rather it didnt, but I'm by no means a large.

Also, for those of you who were REALLY paying attention, you'll notice that this costume wasn't 100% accurate. Want to guess what's missing? Those of you who said earrings gets a very large brownie point. No, I didnt have them the first time because I don't have pierced ears and I couldnt find any clip ons the first time I wore this costume. However, since then I have found some on eBay, and I've bought them. They should be in the post as we speak. Yay!

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