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Costumes for Garuda_Aiacos

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Athena SaoriSaint Seiya Omega07-19-201210%20
Athena Sasha (Kardia Gaiden)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas12-30-201180%00
Alone-HadesSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas12-30-201190%20
AloneSaint Seiya Next Dimension03-13-201180%60
Mephistopheles YōmaSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-04-201170%00
Alone (Chapter 133 Flashback)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas12-27-201090%30
Pandora (Elysium Field Outfit)Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas08-22-200980%80
Medical OfficerStar Trek05-12-200990%50
Athena SashaSaint Seiya The Lost Canvas12-27-2010100%190
Imperial Scanning CrewmanStar Wars Episode 4: A New Hope10-17-200880%10
Hoth Scout TrooperStar Wars10-17-200840%10
Imperial CrewmanStar Wars08-07-2008100%00
Lucy Pevensie (School Uniform)Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspia05-20-2008100%00
Lucy Pevensie (Red Dress)Chronicles Of Narnia - Prince Caspia05-20-200850%00
Si-Addien (Jedi Knight)Star Wars New Jedi Order03-26-2008100%00
Arwen (Cranberry Dress)Lord of the Rings - The Two Tower03-26-2008100%00
Hogwarts ProfessorHarry Potter03-26-2008100%00
Moaning MyrtleHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secr03-26-200870%20
Boba FettStar Wars Episode 2 : Attack of the 03-26-200890%00
PhoenixX3 : The Last Stand03-26-200890%00
Ravenclaw StudentHarry Potter07-20-200890%10
Kuramae MineFruits Basket09-27-2009100%00
Padme Skywalker (Water Gown)Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the 05-28-200850%00
NeoThe Matrix Reloaded/Revolution04-14-2006100%30
Arwen (Narsil Reforge)Lord of the Ring - Return of the Kin03-26-2008100%00
Gryffindor StudentHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azk04-14-2006100%50
Slytherin PrefectHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azk10-17-2008100%20
Padme Snow BunnyStar Wars Clones War04-10-2006100%10
Biker ScoutStar Wars Episode 6 : Return Of The 10-06-200960%20
TIE Fighter PilotStar Wars Episode 4 : A New Hope01-21-201080%80
Haldir March WardenFellowship Of The Ring08-12-200450%40
VanillaGalaxy Angels06-25-200450%00
John Howe\'s GaladrielLord Of The Rings Illustration07-20-2008100%20
TrinityThe Matrix Reloaded/Revolution03-12-2008100%50
Imperial Royal GuardStar Wars Episode 6 : The Return Of 06-25-2004100%20
Eowyn (Refugee Dress)Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers04-17-200350%00
Arwen (Rose Dress)LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring05-17-2003100%10
Arwen Mourning DressLord Of The Rings: The Two Towers06-25-2004100%10
Padme Amidala (White Battlesuit)Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the C04-14-2006100%00
Pandora (Hades Gown)Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Manga09-09-2010100%00
SevothtarteAngel Sanctuary06-21-2004100%10
Mitsuki Sanada (School Uniform)DUAL! Parallel Trouble Adventure08-08-2003100%20
Orion EdenSaint Seiya Omega05-29-20120%00
Athena SaoriSaint Seiya04-23-20120%00
Athena SaoriSaint Seiya04-23-201250%00
Athena SaoriSaint Seiya Super Musical04-23-201250%00
Pandora (Unattained Peaceful Future)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-04-20115%00
Bennu KagahoSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas09-03-201010%00
Garuda AiacosSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas09-09-20100%00
Pandora (Friends Reunion Outfit)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-04-201110%00
Pandora (Tenma Birth)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-04-201110%00
Agasha (Anime Color)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-09-201210%00
Lil Athena Sasha (Sanctuary)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas12-30-201170%00
Galadriel (Alan Lee Illustration)The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowshi01-09-201270%00
Pandora (Hades\' Birth)Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas01-04-201130%00
Athena Sasha (Lost Canvas Outfit)Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas01-09-201210%00
Pandora (Lost Canvas Outfit)Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas01-21-201010%00
Athena SashaSaint Seiya The Lost Canvas01-09-201230%00
Hades AloneSaint Seiya The Lost Canvas12-30-201130%02
ANH Manga Princess Leia (Ceremonial Gown)Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope Mang10-17-200820%00
Padme Amidala (Medical Gown)Star Wars Episode 3 : Revenge Of The05-21-200820%00
Susan Pevensie (Coronation Dress)The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, 05-20-200880%00
Victoria (Wedding Gown)Corpse Bride05-28-200870%00
Hanajima Saki (Summer School Uniform)Fruits Basket05-28-2008100%00
Hanajima Saki (Winter School Uniform)Fruits Basket05-28-2008100%00
Beauxbaton Student (Arrival)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire05-28-200850%00
Beauxbaton StudentHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire04-14-2006100%00
Ringwraith No. 2Lord of The Rings06-21-2004100%00
ANH Manga Princess LeiaStar Wars (Manga)02-21-200310%00



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