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Costumes for Kisshu-Cutie

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Faust the VIIIShaman King11-05-20130%70
Luppi AntenorBleach11-05-20130%70
GirlyCardHellsing: The Dawn11-05-20130%80
SchrodingerHellsing: Ultimate11-05-20130%70
Edward Elric/PrideFull Metal Alchemist: BlueBird's Ill06-20-20120%60
juliet starling male version?Lollipop Chainsaw!06-20-20120%30
Seras Victor {Male}Hellsing06-20-20120%10
Mordred PendragonFate/ Stay night06-20-20120%450
NearDeath Note04-13-2012100%50
BridgetGuilty Gear12-21-2011100%10
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky The 4thCowboy Bebop12-21-2011100%50
Mokoto KusanagiGhost in the Shell12-21-2011100%60
UltimoKarakuridōji Ultimo12-21-2011100%20
EnvyFullmetal Alchemist12-21-2011100%70
Yamato IshidaDigimon Adventure12-21-2011100%20
EnvyFullmetal Alchemist03-18-2010100%20
Neko Fire-BenderAvatar: The Last Airbender03-18-2010100%30
Shinigami HakuNaruto01-05-2010100%40
Boy YuffieFinal Fantasy VII04-03-2009100%20
HeiDarker Than Black12-21-2011100%10
Lolita Boy12-21-2011100%110
Red Phanntom06-08-2010100%170
Seras VictoriaHellsing Ultimate06-05-2010100%20
ChronaSoul Eater06-05-2010100%10
Boy Yuffie..Again..X3Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children03-21-2010100%10



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