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Costumes for Liliana

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Edward Chris Von MuirFinal Fantasy IV03-11-20130%10
Celes ChereFinal Fantasy VI03-31-20130%40
Ashelia B\'nargin Dalmasca (Ashe)Final Fantasy XII11-14-20120%70
YunaFinal Fantasy X06-09-20120%40
Princess SarahFinal Fantasy I03-13-2012100%20
Squall LeonhartFinal Fantasy VIII06-01-2012100%40
Caius BalladFinal Fantasy XIII-203-02-201220%10
Kain HighwindFinal Fantasy IV: The After Years04-18-2012100%30
Emperor Mateus of PalameciaFinal Fantasy Dissidia 01208-09-2012100%110
Anima (Seymour\'s Mother)Final Fantasy X02-28-2012100%00
Stella KlauserFinal Fantasy V01-12-2012100%00
Faris ScherwizFinal Fantasy V01-11-2012100%10
Princess SaturnSailor Moon12-09-2011100%20
ArielThe Little Mermaid12-06-2011100%10
Hibari KyoyaKateky¨­ Hitman Reborn!12-06-2011100%00
Cid PollendinaFinal Fantasy IV12-05-2011100%20
Edgar Roni FigaroFinal Fantasy VI11-29-2011100%40
White MageFinal Fantasy I10-18-2011100%30
Red MageFinal Fantasy I10-17-2011100%30
Prince Alus RestorFinal Fantasy III10-16-2011100%20
CosmosDissidia: Final Fantasy09-23-2011100%30
Raine LoireFinal Fantasy VIII09-09-2011100%10
HotohoriFushigi Yuugi08-15-2011100%10
OdetteThe Swan Princess07-25-2011100%40
Theodor Harvey/GolbezFinal Fantasy IV10-18-2011100%10
Terra BranfordFinal Fantasy VI / Dissidia01-03-2012100%110
Setzer GabbianiFinal Fantasy VI06-13-2011100%30
Princess HildaFinal Fantasy II05-31-2011100%70
LightningFinal Fantasy XIII-206-27-201180%21
Cecil HarveyFinal Fantasy IV /Dissidia04-28-2011100%90
Rinoa Heartilly (Amano)Final Fantasy VIII06-04-2011100%50
MariaFinal Fantasy II06-29-2011100%40
Selphie TilmittFinal Fantasy VIII11-27-2010100%30
Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII07-20-2011100%20
Emperor Mateus PalameciaFinal Fantasy II04-24-2011100%40
Emperor Mateus PalameciaFinal Fantasy II10-21-2010100%10
Onion KnightFinal Fantasy III / Dissidia12-05-201190%00
Hilda of PolarisSaint Seiya08-16-2010100%10
RydiaFinal Fantasy IV01-12-2011100%30
BelldandyAh! My Goddess06-25-2010100%20
Celes ChereFinal Fantasy VI08-19-2011100%30
Princess LennaFinal Fantasy V01-03-2012100%50
Lord OrlougeSaGa Frontier06-25-2010100%70
LuminaHarvest Moon: A Wonderful Life02-10-2010100%30
FirionFinal Fantasy II/Dissidia12-02-201090%40
MinwuFinal Fantasy II08-06-2010100%10
Rosa Joanna FarrelFinal Fantasy IV12-30-2009100%50
Emperor Mateus of PalameciaFinal Fantasy II/Dissidia02-03-2012100%173
Bartz KlauserFinal Fantasy Dissidia 01210-24-20120%00
Seymour GuadoFinal Fantasy X02-28-2012100%00
DarillFinal Fantasy VI12-05-2011100%00
ExdeathFinal Fantasy V08-26-201110%10



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