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Costumes for *Shiva*

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Princess ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda10-15-20160%20
YunaFinal Fantasy X05-01-20160%00
Banana SurpriseMy Little Pony12-20-20150%00
Coco BerryMy Little Pony12-20-20150%00
Red MageFinal Fantasy I12-20-20150%00
Triplicate GirlThe Legion of Super Heroes12-20-20150%00
The Emerald EmpressThe Legion of Super Heroes12-20-20150%00
KorraThe Legend of Korra09-19-20150%00
Summoner GinnemFinal Fantasy X09-19-20150%00
Summoner BelgemineFinal Fantasy X05-31-20150%10
Coco BandicootCrash Bandicoot03-10-20150%20
Chibiusa TsukinoSailor Moon03-10-20150%00
VICISmall Wonder12-20-20150%20
Nurse JoyPokemon03-10-20150%00
General BeatrixFinal Fantasy IX03-10-20150%00
Tomoyo DaidojiTsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle03-10-20150%00
Madoka KanameMadoka Magica03-10-20150%10
Lucy Van PeltPeanuts12-20-20150%30
Kate BeckettCastle03-10-20150%00
Goddess NayruLegend of Zelda03-10-20150%00
Umi RyuuzakiMagic Knights Rayearth05-09-20130%00
Princess Small Lady SerenitySailor Moon05-09-20130%00
Sailor JunoSailor Moon Sailor Stars05-10-20130%20
Rainbow BriteRainbow Brite03-05-20130%20
Rowena RavenclawHarry Potter05-01-20160%40
Blue BarracudaLegends of the Hidden Temple12-20-20150%30
Miku HatsuneVocaloid09-19-20120%00
ShivaFinal Fantasy X10-01-2016100%40
Riddel ViperChrono Cross03-05-2013100%10
Princess Leia OrganaStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope11-10-2016100%20
Amy PondDoctor Who09-15-2011100%30
Rise KujikawaPersona 407-12-2011100%10
SkuldOh My Goddess!06-30-2011100%20
Samantha ParkingtonAmerican Girl09-18-2010100%00
Inara SeraFirefly09-13-2010100%40
Queen FrostineCandyland02-09-2012100%10
Sunnydale High School Dodgeball TeamBuffy the Vampire Slayer07-19-2010100%10
Amy PondDoctor Who07-20-2010100%30
Padmé AmidalaStar Wars Episode II: Attack of the 07-18-2010100%30
LebreauFinal Fantasy XIII07-01-2010100%00
Relm ArrownyFinal Fantasy VI06-30-2010100%00
Rosette ChristopherChrono Crusade07-21-2010100%30
Chibiusa Rini Tsukino (Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon)Sailor Moon Sailor Stars04-17-2010100%50
FranFinal Fantasy XII07-25-2010100%10
Rachel BerryGlee07-25-2010100%30
Peppermint CrunchMy Little Pony12-20-2015100%30
Counselor Deanna TroiStar Trek: The Next Generation09-13-2009100%10
The Cheshire CatAlice In Wonderland08-16-2009100%70
Miku HatsuneVocaloid05-20-2011100%40
JunJunSailor Moon SuperS07-21-2010100%30
Mrs. PeacockClue05-26-2009100%30
LustFullmetal Alchemist06-14-2009100%10
Special Agent Dana ScullyThe X-Files08-29-2009100%20
Sarah PalinThe U.S. Government11-14-2008100%10
Tifa LockheartFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core11-22-2008100%20
Poison IvyBatman11-22-2008100%10
Red XIII (Swimsuit)Final Fantasy VII09-09-2008100%10
Ahiru "Duck" ArimaPrincess Tutu07-05-2009100%30
Reina (Lenna) Charlotte TycoonFinal Fantasy V08-07-2008100%61
Samantha ParkingtonAmerican Girl09-18-2010100%20
Kaoru KamiyaRurouni Kenshin06-29-2008100%00
Felicity MerrimanAmerican Girl09-18-2010100%30
Sayuri NittaMemoirs of a Geisha05-27-2008100%20
Rinoa Heartilly (Amano Ballroom Artwork)Final Fantasy VIII05-30-2007100%30
ShivaFinal Fantasy VII06-11-2008100%81
Chibiusa Rini Tsukino (Super Sailor Chibi Moon)Sailor Moon11-22-2008100%31
PocahontasOriginal Design10-15-2006100%40
Rinoa Heartilly (Dion Rogers Artwork)Kingdom Hearts11-22-2008100%50
Cheshire CatAlice In Wonderland07-16-2006100%60
Rinoa Heartilly (Pajamas)Final Fantasy VIII08-07-2006100%20
Ruby of TantalusFinal Fantasy IX06-11-2008100%51
Rinoa Heartilly (Ballroom Dress)Final Fantasy VIII11-22-2008100%30
Arwen Undomiel (Blood Red Dress)Lord of the Rings10-17-2007100%30
Ravenclaw StudentHarry Potter11-12-2007100%50
Midnight RoseOriginal Design / J-Rock07-01-2006100%20
Rinoa Heartilly (Swimsuit)Final Fantasy VIII08-05-2006100%30
Tifa LockheartFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children11-06-2006100%80
Rinoa Heartilly (Amano Artwork)Final Fantasy VIII11-22-2008100%31
Arwen Undomiel (Coronation Gown)Lord of the Rings10-06-2008100%60
Ellone LoireFinal Fantasy VIII06-01-2006100%20
Julia HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII11-06-2006100%30
Sorceress AdelFinal Fantasy VIII06-11-2008100%51
Rinoa Heartilly (Classic)Final Fantasy VIII11-22-2008100%70


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