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Costumes for Bluest Mercury

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
LinkThe Legend of Zelda08-02-2010100%00
Sailor SaturnSailor Moon S04-13-2010100%10
DejikoDi Gi Charat04-13-2010100%10
Gunner YunaFinal Fantasy X-211-15-2009100%00
GirafarigPoke'mon Gold and Silver11-06-2009100%80
Eternal Sailor MercuryManga07-27-2008100%30
BelldandyOh My Goddess!12-29-2007100%30
Ash KetchumPoke'mon04-07-2008100%70
Miki KaoruRevolutionary Girl Utena: Adolecense12-29-2007100%30
Powered ButtercupPowerpuff Girls Z11-26-2007100%30
Sailor MercurySailor Moon11-26-2007100%30
Fujioka HaruhiOuran Highschool Host Club11-26-2007100%30
Miyamoto of Team RocketPoke'mon01-09-2007100%00
Sakura KasuganoStreet Fighter08-29-2007100%00
RydiaFinal Fantasy 401-09-2007100%40
Sailor UranusSailor Moon08-27-2006100%90
Princess ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker08-27-2006100%70
Akane AikawaMagic Users Club! (Mahou Tsukai Tai08-27-2006100%70
Ami MizunoSailor Moon01-05-2006100%70
Neo Princess MercurySailor Moon Manga01-03-2006100%90
Lilith AenslandDarkstalkers 312-29-2005100%60
Songstress YunaFinal Fantasy X-201-03-2006100%70
Summoner YunaFinal Fantasy X01-03-2006100%70
Super Sailor MercurySailor Moon Super S08-29-2013100%70

Bluest Mercury

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