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Costumes for paper cosplay

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The Black Beast of ahhhhg
monty python and the holy grail

Luigi mario
mario brothers

brook ghost
one piece

Porco Rosso
Porco Rosso

Paper Fire Mario
Paper Mario

Bob Belcher
Bob's Burgers

brave little toaster

the Muppets

ED\'s avatar
Cowboy Bebop

James Logan
steam century steampunk mystery

South Park

steampunk cowboy
steampunk, wierd west

Crazy Dave
plants vs zombies

Shinagami Sama
Soul Eater

steampunk flava flav
steampunk crossover

Heavy Halloween
Team Fortress 2

the Doctor 2nd
Doctor Who

Saul Tucker
Full metal alchemist

howl's moving castle

geekbot head
geekkon mascot

Elmer Fudd, whats opera doc
loony toons, Warner Bros. Cartoons

paper baby yoshi
Paper Mario

The missing Link
Steam Century: Yahara

Dr. Tran
Dr. Tran

Mister Seth Lensville--smuggler
steamcentury mystery game - steampun

The Moon
soul eater

Nick Izumi
Nick Izumi's Youtube show

Sir Archibald Price the IV
steamcentury steam punk

soul eater

The Spirit
The Spirit

Death Note

Basara Nekki
Macross 7

Bad horse and singing cowboy
DR. Horrible sing along blog

DR. Hennry Killinger
The Venture Brothers

Gas mask zombie
Doctor Who The Empty Child

number 4 codename (KND)
code name Kids Next Door (KND)

Black Lagoon

The Master
Doctor who curse of the fatal death

Doctor Mario
DR. Mario

team fortress 2

Pyro red
team fortress 2

red Spy
team fortress 2

team fortress 2

Blood +

team fortress 2

Death Note

MR. Chang
Black Lagoon

Raye Penber
Death Note

Glenn Quagmire
family guy

green hornet
the Green Hornet

Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos

19th century metalwork

19th century farmer
Old World Wisconsin

pizza delivery knightmare
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Otacon - Hal Emmerich
metal gear solid, 1, 2, 4

Dr. Serizawa
Godzilla, Gojira

Paper Mario
Paper Mario

Arthur Dent
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy &quo

Mr Sparkles

laughing man
ghost in the shell

aqua teen hunger force

paper cosplay

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