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Costumes for Tenel Ka

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Tenel Ka Djo [NJO]Star Wars Expanded Universe08-06-20120%50
JarynDance Central 203-01-2012100%20
Miss AubreyDance Central03-01-2012100%00
Tenel Ka Djo [QM]Star Wars Expanded Universe03-01-2012100%00
Jasmine JoleneBioShock07-18-2012100%50
Meg MastersSupernatural01-09-2012100%50
ArielThe Little Mermaid12-07-2011100%60
June999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors12-07-2011100%90
Tenel Ka Djo [Tempest]Star Wars Expanded Universe10-24-2011100%170
Santa999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors02-28-2011100%110
BarbieToy Story11-11-2010100%40
Tenel Ka Djo [LotF]Star Wars Expanded Universe11-09-2010100%40
Elaine MarleyMonkey Island: The Secret of Monkey 09-22-2010100%70
OpheliaBrütal Legend09-17-2010100%60
Tenel Ka Djo [SbS]Star Wars Expanded Universe09-18-2010100%110
Kale LongoStar Wars Expanded Universe09-17-2010100%00
Charlotte "Chuck" CharlesPushing Daisies06-16-2010100%60
Tenel Ka Djo [QM]Star Wars Expanded Universe09-18-2010100%140
Tenel Ka Djo [YJK]Star Wars Expanded Universe11-09-2010100%220
Lisa GarlandSilent Hill: Shattered Memories02-16-2010100%60
Luke TritonProfessor Layton02-15-2010100%90
Mrs. WhiteClue (the movie)10-03-2009100%50
Dr. Bridgette TenenbaumBioShock09-14-2009100%90
HunterLeft 4 Dead09-13-2009100%70
Jack FrostShin Megami Tensei/Persona series09-13-2009100%30
Maid MarianRobin Hood: Men in Tights11-02-2008100%50
Shmi Skywalker (zombie)Star Wars10-25-2008100%40
Chris ChambersStand By Me/Stephen King's The Body10-05-2008100%40
Elliot ReidScrubs09-29-2008100%50
Lisey LandonStephen King's Lisey's Story09-28-2008100%70
Little SisterBioshock02-18-2008100%100
That Silly Unnamed KidAdventures in the Magic Kingdom11-09-2007100%50
Thad Beaumont/George StarkStephen King's The Dark Half10-11-2007100%100
Tenel KaStar Wars: Expanded Universe09-29-2008100%80
Peter McVriesStephen King's The Long Walk09-09-2007100%180
Poison IvyBatman10-04-2009100%70
Rez NyenaStar Wars (original design)09-09-2007100%50
Rapid 99Jet Set Radio Future09-09-2007100%30
Mary/Maria hybridSilent Hill 209-09-2007100%60
Ghetto NurseSilent Hill 210-02-2008100%30
Buster BluthArrested Devlopment07-15-2011100%50
CowboyThe Warriors09-09-2007100%30
RedOriginal Design02-20-2008100%70
Han(nah) SoloStar Wars09-09-2007100%70
Sacrament 21Silent Hill 4: The Room09-09-2007100%30
femme!MarioSuper Mario Bros.09-09-2007100%20
Henry TownshendSilent Hill 4: The Room09-09-2007100%30
Heather "Morris" MasonSilent Hill 309-09-2007100%20
Dr. CubeKaiju Big Battel09-09-2007100%10
Yukie UtsumiBattle Royale09-09-2007100%10
Ulala SerizawaPersona 2: Eternal Punishment09-08-2007100%30
MariaSilent Hill 209-08-2007100%10
RavenTwisted Metal: Black09-08-2007100%10
JayJersey Trilogy09-08-2007100%10
Eriko KirishimaPersona 2: Eternal Punishment09-08-2007100%30

Tenel Ka

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