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Costumes for ~H~

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Costume NameSeriesLast Updated% CompletePhotosJournal
Rapidash / Gallop GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)05-09-20150%40
Buneary / Mimirol GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)04-22-20150%30
Delinquent / Scary MissPokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphir05-17-20150%60
Shiny Silcoon GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)05-19-20150%50
Tanuki GijinkaAsian Folklore02-11-20150%50
Lisa GarlandSilent Hill: Shattered Memories11-08-20140%20
Wendy SimmsCSI: Las Vegas01-07-20150%40
Maenad (aka: "Mysterious Girl")Final Fantasy IV: The After Years09-19-20140%30
Shaymin GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)09-10-20140%60
ElektraMarvel Comics03-02-20140%10
Pichu GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)03-30-20150%80
Sweet OtaconMetal Gear Solid01-06-20140%30
Melisandre and Shadow AssassianA Song of Ice and Fire (aka. Game of06-09-20140%30
Melisandre of AsshaiA Song of Ice and Fire (aka. Game of02-17-20140%70
Munna GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)10-01-20130%80
Mew GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)03-26-20130%100
Delibird GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)05-14-20130%60
Charmander / Hitokage GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)06-06-20130%140
Duskull / Yomawaru GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)04-17-20130%60
White MageFinal Fantasy11-05-20120%50
Electrode / Marumine GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)11-28-20120%40
Pokémon Breeder and PikachuPokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald07-28-20130%40
Pokémon BreederPokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald06-23-20130%40
Princess Leia OrganaStar Wars07-15-20120%40
Ewok and Princess LeiaStar Wars Series04-25-2012100%30
Snorlax / Kabigon GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)07-18-2013100%60
Fennel / MakomoPokémon Black and White10-04-2011100%10
Ash Ketchum and Voltorb GijinkaPokémon Diamond and Pearl04-21-2011100%70
Voltorb / Biriridama GijinkaPokémon (Gijinka)11-24-2012100%70
Professor Aurea Juniper / Dr. AraragiPokémon Black and White02-08-2012100%50
Link\'s MotherThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time01-07-2011100%70
Viking and Dragon HatchlingHow to Train Your Dragon11-01-2010100%20
Magma Grunt and PikachuPokémon07-24-2011100%30
Link and his MotherThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time02-20-2012100%110
Lisa GarlandSilent Hill: Origins09-03-2011100%50
Team Magma GirlPokémon04-20-2010100%60
Pauline James (aka: \'The Lady\')Donkey Kong01-03-2010100%50
ShebaFX Fighter Turbo11-10-2009100%10
EvaMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater09-23-2009100%90
Three of Clubs Card GirlMiyukichan in Wonderland07-24-2009100%20
Jill ValentineResident Evil 305-15-2009100%20
Star Trek OfficerStar Trek (Original Series)05-10-2009100%20
Ravenclaw StudentHarry Potter05-09-2009100%40
ShiromaChocobo's Dungeon09-22-2008100%100
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII07-23-2009100%20
Brittany (Cheetah) DiggersGold Digger07-19-2008100%10
Tifa LockheartFinal Fantasy VII07-13-2008100%10
Rinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII07-23-2009100%20
Fujiko MineLupin III07-09-2008100%10
VulcanStar Trek (Original Series)05-27-2008100%10
YohkoDevil Hunter Yohko05-26-2008100%10
ButtercupPowerPuff Girls05-25-2008100%20
FridaBust-A-Move / Bust-A-Groove07-17-2010100%10
MisakiFutaba-kun Change05-25-2008100%10
Sydney SavageDanger Girls05-25-2008100%10
EriyaVision of Escaflowne10-11-2007100%10
Pullum PurnaStreet Fighter EX+ Alpha09-24-2007100%30
MintAnimal Magnetism03-17-2013100%20
BentenUrusei Yatsura08-14-2007100%10
Yuka TakayuchiAdvanced Variable Geo 208-10-2007100%40
Nyam-NyamYasunaga Oyama's Nyam-Nyam08-09-2007100%30
Akane AikawaMahou Tsukai Tai!08-03-2009100%30
Arshes NeiBastard!08-09-2007100%20
Iincho (aka. Chairperson)Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes (ak07-04-2010100%10
Valentine KittyOriginal Creation06-21-2007100%20
Miss MarioSuper Mario Brothers06-21-2007100%40
LeonaKing of Fighters07-20-2008100%30
Tama-NekoFushigi Yuugi10-11-2007100%30
Golden KittygirlOriginal Creation06-18-2007100%40
Lei FangDead or Alive10-11-2007100%90
PinkDragon Pink06-14-2007100%50
Femme KenStreet Fighter06-13-2007100%30
MisakiFutaba-kun Change06-13-2007100%10
Night WindUnico06-12-2007100%30
LumUrusei Yatsura07-13-2008100%50
TakiSoul Calibur08-07-2007100%30
Cheshire CatMiyukichan in Wonderland01-11-2014100%30
Femme StrikeBust-A-Move 2 (aka. Bust-A-Groove 2)06-07-2007100%10
Garnet Til Alexandros XVIIFinal Fantasy IX06-07-2007100%20
Mad Hatter (aka. Belial)Angel Sanctuary07-08-2010100%50
Comet (Alternate Outfit from Japanese Version)Bust-A-Move 2 (aka. Bust-A-Groove 2)06-07-2007100%40
CandySweet City Summer06-07-2007100%20
Mercy GravesSuperman Animated Series06-07-2007100%40
MokurenPlease Save My Earth06-07-2007100%20
Chocolat MisuBakuretsu Hunters (aka. Sorcerer Hun06-07-2007100%10
Cham ChamSamurai Showdown II04-09-2009100%30


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