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Launch from Dragonball (5)

Strawberry of No More Heroes (8)

Habaek of Bride of the Water God (10)

Twi'lek of Star Wars (4)

Girl Scout of Katy Perry MV (8)

Death the Kid of Soul Eater (8)

Simca of Air Gear (3)

Frey of Anima: Tactics (8)

Bashful Heart Bear of The Carebears (5)

Yuri Ishtar of Red River (8)

Aquamarine of Tukiji Nao (5)

Poison of Street Fighter (9)

Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 (8)

Meggi from Princess Ai (12)

Ciel Phantomhive of Kuroshitsuji (4)

Fire Fairy (10)

Moro of xxxHolic (11)

Princess Carline le Britannia of Code Geass (4)

Sex of Gilgamesh (7)

Michiru Kaioh of Sailor Moon (11)

Bianchi of Katekyo Hitman Reborn (6)

Bubbles of Powerpuff Girls Z (16)

Rin Kagamine of Vocaloid (9)

Renaissance/Medieval (8)

Frederica of Psyren (8)

Rei Hino of Sailor Moon (8)

Politoed of Pokemon Gijinka (15)

Violet Nottingham of Bedtime Stories (10)

Winter Fairy of Fantasy (5)

Moondancer of My Little Pony (17)

Nidoran of Pokemon Gijinka (6)

Ai of Princess Ai (12)

Sibel Tor of Princess (8)

Isuzu/Rin Sohma of Fruits Basket (6)

Yohko Mano of Devil Hunter Yohko (7)

Asuka Tenjoin of Yuugiou GX (7)

Beautifly of Pokemon Gijinka (6)

Malik Ishtar of Yuugiou (17)

Sai of Naruto (12)

Vegeta of Dragonball Z (7)

Nell/Neriel of Bleach (10)

Xemnas of Kingdom Hearts II (5)

Pisces-Aphrodite of Saint Seiya (12)

Sailor Star Healer of Sailor Moon (10)

Kagome Higurashi of Inuyasha (11)

Sakura Haruno of Naruto (5)

L of Death Note (4)

Bulma Briefs of Dragonball/Z/GT (15)

Pride/Vanity of Seven Sins (8)

Raven of Teen Titans (5)

Rinslet Walker of Black Cat (1)

Gaara of Naruto (1)

Orihime Inoue of Bleach (4)

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