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Violet Cosplay Atelier (low rates, good quality, variety of costume types)
posted by electroViolet

***M&A, TV, COMIC COSTUMES, PLUSHIE TOYS, SMALL PROPS, LIGHT ARMOR*** Hello there, I'm a Polish cosplayer with 3 years of experience on stage and 2 years in making costume ...
9044 None n/a Sun September 29, 2013 4:10pm
Sailor Moon like Star Locket (Akazukin Chacha)
posted by Loveless16

Hello ^-^ This is actually a Akazukin Chacha toy, it was made by a Korean company known as Sonokong. It's absolutely ideal for any Sailor Moon cosplayer! This is a great C ...
2471 Poor $30.00 Sun September 7, 2014 2:19am
Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Crystal Rod Scepter Wand Bandai Japan Proplica
posted by Shining Polaris 11 Positive Reviews

http:­/­/youtu­.be­/MlvbJunikZA Check out the video to see a closer look of how this spiral wand looks and sounds! Okay so I have here one of the few ori ...
2392 Good $300.00 Wed July 16, 2014 10:52am
Steampunk style machine gun
posted by Cosanima100

Steampunk, victorian style machine gun prop, this gun was built off a buzz bee toy gun, and this gun has a working motor and spins the ammo chamber when the trigger is pulled, ...
2350 Great $175.45 Mon November 3, 2014 6:55pm
Sailor Moon Stars Eternal Tier Musical Crystal Scepter Rod Wand Stick Proplica USA
posted by Shining Polaris 11 Positive Reviews

http:­/­/youtu­.be­/P4c0x9aoK9g Check out the video for a closer look at this toy! I have here a Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Eternal Tier Scepter! This is ...
2328 Good $150.00 Wed July 16, 2014 10:33am
[OPEN] Award-Winning Cosplay Commissions! [SLOTS FOR JANUARY 2017 ONWARD]
posted by Nonnatus

NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR JANUARY 2017 AND BEYOND! I am once again accepting commissions for the full year of 2017! I am a highly-experienced seamstress operating an independ ...
2270 None n/a Fri December 2, 2016 5:16pm
Sailor Moon Chibimoon Chibi Prism Crystal Heart Locket Brooch Compact Proplica USA
posted by Shining Polaris 11 Positive Reviews

http:­/­/youtu­.be­/zbyrdZzUN6U Check out the video above to see a better look and demonstration of the toy! I do accept reasonable offers! I have here ...
2149 Good $300.00 Tue July 15, 2014 10:43am
Sailor Moon ORIGINAL Bandai Japan Musical Crystal Scepter Rod Wand Stick Proplica USA
posted by Shining Polaris 11 Positive Reviews

http:­/­/youtu­.be­/g3y6IUHSQjM Check out video for a closer look at this toy! I have here the original Bandai toy made in Japan Sailor Moon Scepter! Th ...
2067 Good $300.00 Wed July 16, 2014 10:24am
Touka Kirishima
posted by xdarktendencies

I want Touka Kirishima from Toyko Ghoul done for the January Wizard World convention, I have looked all over for a legitimate outfit and found nothing so I am on here hoping t ...
1946 None n/a Sat August 16, 2014 1:23am
Toy Bonnie Guitar FNAF 2
posted by A.-BLK-KT

Selling my Bonnie the Bunnie from FNAF2's guitar I used a few times. SUPER LIGHT, practically blew in the wind 37" long Has small chips in white paint I can try fixing befor ...
1760 Great $30.00 Sun September 6, 2015 5:46pm
FNAF Toy Bonnie Cosplay!
posted by Cl0udy

PRICE LOWERED!!! This is a partly handmade costume of Toy Bonnie from Five Nights At Freddies 2! It's a female gajinka version, and includes a handmade suspender circle skir ...
915 Excellent $30.00 Sun March 13, 2016 12:54am
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