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Description: I have a lot of leftover fabric from various projects, and I'm passing the savings on to yooooou.

If you want to buy multiple pieces, I'll try to cut you a deal. My main goal is to free up space in my house! D:

I have images of all of the fabrics, so please contact me if you need images of any that I haven't uploaded images for!

OTB = Off the bolt (no cuts)
REM = Remnant, may have uneven edges

I've added numbers to those fabrics for which I've included an image. I have images of all of the fabrics. Message me to request one. I can also help you figure out if it's the kind of fabric you're looking for, as the photos aren't terribly well-done. Thanks for reading!


[#1] Bright purple patent pleather - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $5 (retail $7)

[#2] Black patent pleather - OTB - 2.5 yd - Asking $5/yd (retail $7/yd)

[#3] Maroon/dark red vinyl. Thicker, I believe it's "marine" vinyl, so it's on the thicker side. Looks like faux leather, mostly smooth with a little bit of texture. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

[#4] Dark brown vinyl/fake leather. Like the maroon above, but dark brown instead. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

<<<Cotton/Poly Broadcloth>>>
(Your basic blend from Joanns that comes in a variety of colours.) Asking $1.50/yd for each of the below unless otherwise noted (Retail $3-5/yd)

[#5] "Tomato" Red - OTB

Light "Peach" - OTB

[#6] Light "sky" blue (it looks washed out in the photo, sorry :/ ) - OTB

[#7] Light tan - REM - Two large pieces - $1/piece

Bright white - OTB

[#8] Black with a grey, silver, and white leaf pattern with small flowers. - REM

[#9] Light bright blue (a little brighter than the "sky" blue) - REM

[#10] Medium blue, slightly darker than "primary" blue - REM

[#11] Medium/dark greyish blue. - REM

[#12] Shades of grey camoflage - OTB

<<<Other Cotton, Poly, and Misc. Fabrics>>>

[#13] Grey cotton/poly. A warmer, medium grey tone. Fabric is smoother than the basic cotton/poly and has a slight sheen. - OTB - Asking $2/yd (Retail $5/yd)

Light yellow 100% cotton. Already washed and very soft. Good for dying. - REM - $2 for the piece (Retail $5/yd)

[#14] Dark blueish-green "twill". Mostly synthetic, with a light stretch. Has graining like a twill, but is thinner. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

[#15] Slightly dark red "twill", like above. - REM - Two irregular pieces - Asking $1

[#16] Greyish tan/khaki bottomweight fabric. Has a greenish undertone. Looks like something you'd make pants out of. I used it for a Shino (from Naruto) jacket. - 1/2yd piece with a long 1.5ydx7in piece attached. - Asking $1.50 for the piece (Retail $6/yd)

[#17] Red slightly textured home decor fabric, Cotton. If you don't have a costume use for it, it's good for a throw pillow. - OTB - 1/2yd - Asking $4 (Retail $15/yd)

[#18] Patterned home decor fabric, blue background with different coloured circles (see photo). Same type of fabric as above. - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $8 (Retail $15/yd)

Slightly textured red cotton fabric. Thinner, and with very slightly more open weave, than the red home decor fabric mentioned above. Used for an Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) hood. - REM - Small, irregular piece - Asking $1

Black suiting with very thin white pinstripes. Synthetic. - REM - Asking $2 for the piece

<<<Satins, Etc.>>>

Black satin. This is a thinner, synthetic satin like they sell at Joanns. Good multi-purpose black satiny fabric. - OTB - Two pieces, each 4 yds - Asking $3/yd (retail $7/yd)

Very pale purple satin. Soft sheen on one side, matte on the other. Looks less washed-out than in the photos. - OTB - Asking $3/yd (Retail $7/yd)

Dark purple satin. Like above. - REM - Several pieces - Asking $3/yd or $2 remnant piece (Retail $7/yd)

White satin. Like above, but more silky feeling. - OTB - Asking $1.50 for the piece

Deep reddish-purple satin. Like above, but even more silky. This is about the nicest silky fabric you can get at a place like Joanns. I'd use it if I could think of a project for it. - OTB - Asking $7/yd (Retail ~$12/yd)

Deep "lipstick" maroonish-red satin. Like above. Very silky. - OTB - 1 yd - Asking $6 for the piece

Pewter grey polyester lining - OTB - Asking $1/yd (Retail $3/yd)

Textured light purple silky synthetic. Has nice movement and catches the light in a pretty way. Was used for a lovely dress. - REM - Asking $2/yd (Retail $8/yd)

<<<Velvety Things>>>

Light purple crushed velvet - OTB - 1/2yd, 64" wide - Asking $1.50 for the piece

Dark purple crushed velvet - REM - 4 smaller pieces - Measurements on request - Asking $.50 per piece

Light green crushed velvet - REM - 5 smaller pieces - Measurements on request - Asking $.50 per piece

Black velveteen. This is basically a flocked black fabric or "faux velvet", though it doesn't have as high of a pile as velvet, and isn't as soft. It has a similar fuzzy look, though. - OTB - 1.5 yds, 56" wide - Asking $7/yd (Retail $11/yd)

Deep red real velvet. Nice and soft :3 - OTB - 1/2yd, 48" wide - Asking $10 for the piece (Retail $28/yd)

Light brown burlap. Slightly open, coarse weave. - OTB - Asking $1 for the piece (Retail $4/yd)

<<<Knits & Stretch>>>

[#19] Orange ribbed stretch knit. - OTB - Asking $5/yd (Retail ~$10/yd)

Dark blue jersey stretch knit. - REM - Two small pieces - Asking $1

<<<Faux Fur>>>

White medium/short-length fur. Slight stretch in one direction. Quite soft and cottony. - OTB - 1/2yd - Asking $4 (Retail $13/yd)

Off-white/light tan very short faux fur - REM - ~3/4yd - Asking $5 (Retail $10/yd)
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How much of #11 do you have?
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how much of the number 10 do u have??
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