About Me / Q&A

What got you into cosplay?
I've watched anime since I was little and went to a few cons. Seeing people dressed up as anime characters looked fun and I wanted to try it too ^^
What was your first costume and why?
My first cosplay was Kikyou from Inuyasha, it was really badly done but it started me into cosplaying.
What is your favorite costume and why?
I'd have to say my Aoi from Gazette costume. It was very simple but so much fun to do!
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
Maybe Zack Fair from FFVII Crisis Core.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Getting lots of hugs and pictures while I'm in costume. Thats what makes it so rewarding.
My favorite anime
Right now they're Full Metal Panic!, Lovely Complex and D. Gray-man
My favorite game(s)
FFVII Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts I and II, Star Ocean I and III, .hack//GU, Tales games, FFX
My favorite character(s)
Sephiroth, Zack Fair, Kaname Chidori, Otani (Lovely Complex), Kyouya (Ouran), Dark (D.N. Angel), Subaru (.hack//SIGN)
My favorite movies(s)
FFVII AC--best animation ever, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera



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