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What got you into cosplay?
I found out i was Japanese and i love Manga and Anime so why not its fun!
What was your first costume and why?
My first was Meto because I am a fan of Full Moon Wo Sagahiste and wanted to be Meroko! I couldn't get the costume so I was Meto! Meroko and Takutos daugher and no one noticed my cat TAIL! But it was fun!
What is your favorite costume and why?
Roxas Because It Was Cool Since I Have A Crush On Him And Axel. The Yaoi I Love A Lot! Kissing Guy Yes And I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It!
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
ROXAS! I am the biggest fan of KINGDOM HEARTS! I am a crazy girl! Roxas and Axel Yaoi is the best! And I Want To Make LuLu From Final Fantasy X Cause Its SO Pretty And Poofy!
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Well I like being original which makes me popular and I love when people want pixs of me because it means I am different and I stand out! But most memorable has to be when I was walking around at AX 2008 I was Meto And A Bunch Of Guys Were Weirdly Clapping And Whooo Me So It Was A Lot Of FUN!
Do you participate in masquerades?
I Have. In ALA For 2 Years. Kingdom Hearts Stuff.
What was your best masquerade experience?
Being A Gay Roxas Dancing On Stage!!
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
Yes, Yuna Gunner.
Tell us a little about yourself
Well....I Am A Sophomore In College. At The Art Institute Studying Graphic Design. If U Wanna Know More About Me Ask. I AM THE SEXY ROXAS!
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I Am Too Sexy For My Shirt And My PANTS!
My favorite anime
Wow I have soooo many but my top 10 are: 1:Vampire Night 2:Inuyasha 3:Axis Powers Hetaila 4:Blood Plus 5:Full Metal Alchmist 6.Death Note 7.High School Of The Dead 8.Junjou Romantica 9.Papa To Kiss In The Dark 10.Loveless
My favorite game(s)
Ok Top 10 Are: 1:Kingdom Hearts 2 2:Kingdom Hearts 3:Kingdom Hearts 3:Rebirth 4:Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 5:Final Fantasy X-2 6.Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain Of Memories 7.Final Fantasy X 8.Final Fantasy 7 9.Naruto The Game 10.Ocean Star
My favorite book(s)
Ok Here We Go Again Top 10 Mangas: 1:Axis Powers Hetalia 2:Pathos 3:Junjou Romantica 4:Naruto 5:Princess Ai 6.Alice In The Country Of Hearts 7.Kingdom Hearts 8.Private Prince (Yaoi) 9.Brother (Yaoi) 10.Gravatation (Yaoi) Regular Books Top 5: 1:Harry Potter 2:Inkheart/Inkspell 3:Wicked 4:Twilight/Full Moon/Ecplise/Breaking Dawn 5:Uglies/Specials/Pretties/Extras
My favorite character(s)
Top 10 Again: 1:Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2) 2:Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2) 3:Yuna (Final Fantasy X and X-2) 4:Yuuki (Vampire Night) 5:Saya (Blood Plus) 6.Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 7.Riku (Kingdom Hearts) 8.Marly (Kingdom Hearts) 9. Blood Dupre (AITCOH) 10.Prussia (APH)
My favorite movies(s)
TOP 10 OMG!: 1:Howls Moving Castle 2:Spirted Away 3:Unaccompied Minors 4:Zenon Girl Of the 21th Century 5:Harry Potter (All) 6.Twilight 7.Mean Girls 8.Memories Of A Geshia 9.Pirates Of The Caribbean 10.Epic Movie
My favorite actors/actresses
TOP FRICKEN 10 Boys: 1:Johney Depp 2:Cody Linley 3:Orlando Bloom 4:Daniel Radcliffe 5:Tom Felton 6.Jeremy Sumpter 7.Taylor Lanther 8.Mitchel Musso 9.Robert Pattison 10.Haley Joel Osment (SORA) TOP FRICKEN 10 Girls: 1.Emily Browning 2.Kristen Stewart 3.Emily Osment 4.Ellen Paige 5.Victoria Justice 6.Debby Ryan 7.Alyson Stoner (KAIRI) 8.Megan Martian (NAMINE) 9.Tiffany Silver (SOON TO BE ACTRESS ME) 10.Emma Watson


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