About Me / Q&A

What got you into cosplay?
Looking at the pictures that they published at the end of Animerica each issue.
What was your first costume and why?
My first costumes was Kei from Gantz. I didn't have a sewing machine at the time so i needed to pick something i could make in a dorm with my hot glue gun
What is your favorite costume and why?
My new favorite cosplay is the Stalk. Making the mask was fun and something completely new. I also got to do a lot of experimenting with different sewing techniques when I was making the tiers in her skirt. There are all sorts of gathers and pleats in there.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
I would like to do witch hunter robin eventually. all of that fabric intimidates me though.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Posing with my fate stay night group at Acen. My friend made Ryder costume out of a long shirt and some purple duck tape...the problem was that whenever she took the characters most charismatic pose the people behind her could see clear on to florida 0_0. so we always had to make sure she stood in front of me so that my characters huge skirt would keep her from flashing the rest of the dealers room.
Do you participate in masquerades?
i will this year!
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
I won the "rising star" award for my Ohatsu costume at Acen 2011 ^_^
Tell us a little about yourself
I like reading, running, playing badminton, playing tabletop RPGs, cooking, sewing, spending time with my wonderful fiance, and of course watching anime.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I don't believe in going on crash diets to fit a costume.
My favorite anime
Attack on Titan, The Girl who Lept Through Time, witch hunter robin, inu yasha, cowboy bebot, excel saga, princess mononoke, there is a also a soft spot in my heart for Tenchi muyo ^_^
My favorite game(s)
video games: DDR, Rock band, Legend of Dragoon board games: Settlers rocks! Monty Python FLUX, Savage Worlds, Cards Against Humanity
My favorite book(s)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Crime and Punishment, 1984, Kushiel's Dart, everything by Tamora Peirce, Crystal star and many other Star Wars books, Tales from a Chinese Studio, Journey to the West
My favorite character(s)
Caprica 6 from Battlestar Gallactica
My favorite movies(s)
Star Wars Original Trilogy...I could put more but nothing else can touch these. ps Han shot first
My favorite actors/actresses
Alan Rickman, Natalie Portman, Gerard Butler, Steven Cho


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