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What got you into cosplay?
I dressed up a lot back in high school for spirit weeks (way back in the day). But my college friends and roommates actually got me into cosplay officially.
What was your first costume and why?
My first official cosplay was Sae Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. My friends and I are really into the fatal frame series, and we decided to go as characters from the various games. I'm not big big girl, but i'm not a little girl, so I wanted to wear something that I would feel comfortable in and be able to do well. I had a blast putting it together, and could not have done it without my friends.
What is your favorite costume and why?
Not really sure. Every time I make a new costume, I think it's my favorite. But then I make another one, increasing my sewing and crafting skills, and love that one more. Hopefully things will just keep going that way. :)
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
Sakuya Haibara, the final boss from fatal frame 4. I took one look at the trailer and went "Yup. Gotta do it." I bought fabric and a wig for her back in summer 2009, and have been slowly working on it ever since. It was outside my skill level when I started, and has been pushing me to learn new skills throughout the entire process since then. It's March 2012 right now that I'm updating this, and I have every intention of finishing her for Animazement at the end of May this year. I am so excited about the prospect of finishing her. Another dream cosplay is The Diva from Fifth Element. The design is unique and gorgeous, and I think it would be fun to make. But there are a few logistics I need to figure out, and some specific skills I need to pick up before this project can begin.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Several really. Last Animazement, a few friends and I decided to bring several survival horror cosplays with us. Between us, we had 10 horror cosplays that weekend. It was an amazing weekend, and people's reactions were priceless. Since then, people have been contacting us, asking what Survival Horror cosplays we're bringing this year. It was nice to make such a splash with what is generally an underrepresented genre. Also, I'm a big fan of cosplay chess. I like to participate about as often as I can. This year, my friend and I participated as ghost characters from Fatal Frame (Myself as Tomoko Hinuma from IV, and him as the Mourner from II). It was a blast creeping our way across the board. Not to mention when we momentarily broke character and "Thrillered" someone to death...
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
First Place Novice Ichibancon 2011 (Blinded Woman from Fatal Frame) Judge's Award for Makeup Ichibancon 2012 (Tomoko Hinuma from Fatal Frame IV)
Tell us a little about yourself
Received my Master's in Public Health Education from UNCG in 2011. Currently working at UNC Chapel Hill. Enjoying my first big-girl job. :D I love being with my family and friends. I don't know what I'd do without them. Obviously, I'm a big fan of Survival Horror video games. My friends were the ones who got me into them. I'm actually a huge wuss on my own. But surround me with friends and put a controller in my hand, I suddenly become a gun-wielding, picture-taking, nurse-stabbing badass. Or at least I think so. My friends may disagree. Haha.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I'm very obviously still a learning cosplayer. I have a few aspects I feel I'm better at than others, but even in those I know there is still so much to learn. Which is great, because I love learning new things. If you have any questions about how I made any aspects of any of my cosplays, please PM me. Likewise, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them my way as well.
My favorite game(s)
How about I give you my favorite game series' instead of trying to pick specific ones. Cause that would just be too damn hard. Fatal Frame (the series that got me into cosplay), Silent Hill, Nier, Harry Potter PC games (don't judge me. I played the crap out of these in high school.)
My favorite book(s)
I know it's cliche, but I really do love the Harry Potter series.
My favorite character(s)
I tend to like the underloved game/movie/book characters. If you only see them for five minutes and they die randomly, they were probably my favorite character. Don't ask me why. It just sort of happens...
My favorite movies(s)
I love movies. Going into that would be wayyy to complicated.


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