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What got you into cosplay?
I really don't know. I loved anime, manga, and video games ever since I was a child so I always wanted to dress up as one of my favorite characters. My parents support me in everything I do so I finally decide to begin cosplaying at the age of 17 since I was old enough to do things on my own and actually buy things with me own money.
What was your first costume and why?
►Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Age 17(2011)◄ I had cosplayed Kagome Higurashi(Inuyasha) when I was 11 and Mrs. Nellie Lovette(Sweeney Todd) when I was 16 but my first serious Cosplay made from scratch. Now that I'm older and able to comprehend the art of sewing I decided to actually make a cosplay lol. I went to Anime Expo for a couple of years and felt so left out knowing I didn't have a cosplay but I swore AX 2011 would be different. I had wanted to Cosplay Tifa ever since I saw FFVII:AC and swore I would one day. Tifa is the costume that started my cosplay career!
What is your favorite costume and why?
My Tifa Lockhart Cosplay is my favorite at the moment. It was all hand made and my first time using a sewing machine. i really loved how it came out and I was so happy to hear so many positive comments at AX 2011. I was surprised that a DA group for high quality cosplays allowed my costume to be put into the gallery! I was very happy!
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
◙ Carmelita Montoya Fox - Sly Cooper ◙ Meroko Yui - Full Moon O Sagashite ◙ Alice V. Rozalin - Original Character ◙ Merome Rouge - Online Persona/Original Character ◙ Madame Red - Black Butler ◙ Azula - Avatar: The Last Airbender ◙ Inori Yuzuriha - Guilty Crown ◙ Anarchy Panty - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt ◙ Yoko Littner (S.t.a.r.S.) - Gurren Lagann ◙ Rapunzel - Tangled
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
As I was walking around Anime Expo 2011 I was approached by an Asian couple. The man was extremely excited about my costume and was telling me(in very choppy English) that I was a perfect tifa and my costume was exact. He then threw his camera at his wife and said "My wife takes picture of me and tifa". I nodded and he kept yelling out poses for him and I to do. My favorite was when he said "Tifa vs. me!" and he quickly jumped back, put his arms up, and got serious. I was so scared that I was taking horrible pictures but i loved that dude. He made my day.
Tell us a little about yourself
◙ Youtube: www.youtube.com/oomerochanoo I have a series of UTAU's in which you can view on my youtube channel. I make UTAU's for others as well as long as you ask. ◙ Devantart: Shinigami-mero-chan.deviantart.com View my art, I don't have much but I believe I'm pretty decent with the fact that I taught myself. =D


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