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What got you into cosplay?
My bf (now my hubby) took me to a con. I saw him dress up for the one the year before, and the next year he took me. It instantly clicked and I loved the vibe and feel of going to cons and dressing up as the characters
What was your first costume and why?
my first was Duo Maxwell from Gundam wing. I chose him cause I had his hair, he was my favorite at the time (and still is) and I could easily make his costume out of clothing I had in my closet and my sisters. I didnt really have a lot of time to make one as my bf bought us the tickets as a surprise present and he told me the week before the con. I actually put the costume together the morning of the con and I still had pictures taken.
What is your favorite costume and why?
This question is a little tough. I think it would have to be probably the 4th version I made of Duo. it was still the same clothing as my first one but I had made a giant (yes literally giant) Beam scythe to go with it. It my most photographed costume and when ever I got separated from my friends they could always find me cause I had to hold the blade above the crowed so I didnt poke out any ones eyes. it was so well made that I could even hold it upside down and shake it and it wouldn't come apart. Next to this one would be my Yurine cosplay. it gets complimented on a lot and i can wear the parts (ie the jacket or skirt) separately and out side of a con setting and not look like im in a costume.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
/laugh/ I have several. Lulu- FFX Monk AF -FFXI Dante -Devil may cry 4 (for my hubby) Miku -Voicaloid Ergo -ergo proxi Chidori and Sasuke - Full metal panic fumofu Vash's coat- Trigun. i want to make one for myself to wear out Cloud - FF7 for the hubby (remake)
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
I have a few but they dont over power one or the other. The first is with Duo and the blade scythe. just the amount of times people came up to me to get a picture or hold my scythe to see how heavy it was. it was funny or when i was sitting outside with it and people were still taking pictures. Another is how often Tralius (my hubby) and I got asked for a picture as "the best Inu Yasha I have seen!" and we didnt have any props or anything. and to go along with that is the picture on DA titled "the cutest couple" of us Some others are my dad seeing me in costume when I went with him, my Yurine costume getting complemented, flashing boys in my Kagome costume by accident. oh and asking for some ones picture and they replying with "only if i can get one of you!" meeting Sherrilyn Kenyon and her saying "I love your costume" when I met her at FanExpo 2010 (I almost asked if she wanted me to make her a coat like mine but I was to nervous)
Do you participate in masquerades?
No but I would LOVE to. I did participate in a fashion how once. it was very impromptu but I still had huge amounts of fun regardless of how nervous I was.
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
One only by association. I made the costume for some one and they won the "best in show" award for the reversible cloak with dragons on it in the fashion show
Tell us a little about yourself
I have graduated from George Brown collage for fashion arts. I have a sister and a brother, I'm engaged to be married in 2012. my job is okay, yay fabricland -.-. go a head, I know you want to sing the horrible jingle. and my hobbies are, sewing, cosplaying, knitting, cross stitching, photos and manips and a few other things
My favorite anime
Sailor moon. hands down. then i think it would have to be . . . humm inu yasha cause I watched it with my mom
My favorite game(s)
I dont have just one. Kingdom Hearts, the FF series, Halo (all 6 of them), the world ends with you, the Ds Legend of Zelda. a few others Im a casual player so most of these I haven't finished.
My favorite book(s)
Its more like "favorite authors" I will read anything from the following authors. Sherriyn Kenyon, Cassandra Claire, Kelly Armstrong, James Patterson, Karen Marie Moning
My favorite character(s)
To many to list
My favorite movies(s)
The last Air bender, Avitar, Furn gully, Iron man I and II, Howels moving castle, many many more
My favorite actors/actresses
Victor Webber, Julia Roberts, Brad Pit, Orlando Bloom, Angelina Joli, Richard Cox, Scott Mcneil



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