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What got you into cosplay?
Seeing pictures of people wearing Doctor Who outfits at various cons. I thought that was totally awesome and decided that if I ever made it to a con, I would definitely do that.
What was your first costume and why?
In a way, it was actually Annie Edison from Community for Halloween. I never wear the type of clothes she wears, but I thought it would be really fun to dress up as her. But since that was just a generic outfit, my first real costume was Amy Pond (The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang) because not only is that my favorite episode, but it was an outfit I knew I could feel comfortable in.
What is your favorite costume and why?
Still Amy from The Big Bang because it took months to get all the parts and when I finally put it together and looked down at myself, it was super exciting.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
If I was really skilled, Amy's kissogram outfit. But more realistically, I'd love to make a Donna Noble outfit since she's my favorite companion. Also on the list: completing a Nerd Herd outfit from 'Chuck' and possibly Olivia Dunham from 'Fringe.' Added 10/20/11: I've realized I could cosplay someone from Digimon! So either Sora (S1) or Kari (S2). Haven't decided which yet.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
While approaching a crowd at SDCC 2013 wearing one of my Amy Pond cosplays, my friend who was dressed as the Eleventh Doctor, turned to me as we started to navigate through and said with a sly smile, "Come along, Pond." I never giggled harder.
Tell us a little about yourself
I graduated from university in December 2010 with a film degree. I still work at my alma mater with the sports video crew and run a TV blog. Otherwise, I spend most of my time reading fanfic and watching TV.
My favorite character(s)
Juliet Burke (Lost), Chuck Bartowski (Chuck), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), HAWKGUY
My favorite actors/actresses
Zachary Levi, Adam Scott, Catherine Tate


United States

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