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What got you into cosplay?
My friend, Kat, told me about her experience at AX 2003 and I had been cosplaying during Halloween. Kat showed me tons of her pictures of amazing costumes and then I got the bug. All of those cosplayers inspired me to make my own costumes of my favorite characters.
What was your first costume and why?
My first costume that I had worn was in the 1990's, in Elementary school. I had a home made Pikachu costume that my parents did amazing work on! It had a Papier-mâché head and a full body suit. But the first costume I made on my own and went to a convention in was Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. I was really into that anime and I was pretty short so I knew I could pull it off. Looking back on that costume I know it wasn't very good, but it was a great experience and pushed me to get better.
What is your favorite costume and why?
My favorite costume was Bakrii, my world of warcraft druid in tier 6. It was the first costume I got to experiment with and came up with my own way of making the pieces. It taught me the most about crafting and sewing with limited materials and a budget. I also got to try out body paint, I have found better ways now, but it was my first time with a purple/blue character. It was also the first female costume I created.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
I'd like to make a group cosplay for once. I used to not like the idea because I couldn't decide on a character or I didn't know the anime/game that my friends suggested. But now I'd like to be part of one and if I'm not running it I could really get to know a new character and possibly a new show/game I could enjoy.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
All the conventions have their own fun stories that will stick with me forever, but my favorite memories are the people I meet at the conventions. I love the cosplayers, both the ones I can help and the ones that give me helpful advice! I've made a lot of friends at conventions and it's a bummer to leave them every year but it makes seeing them again that much more exciting the following year.
Do you participate in masquerades?
I would love to participate in a masquerade, but with my small budget my costumes aren't good enough (in my opinion). I also don't have many skit ideas either, so if I do one I probably wont be the mastermind behind it.
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
I won a sticker from Brocolie books for being the only person dressed up from the one of their mangas! I guess that's not really an award, but my picture was on their web page for a while lol. I just love when people stop me to take pictures, that's award enough :D
Tell us a little about yourself
I'm at California State University, Channel Islands. I'll be a senior Fall 2014 working on my BFA. My sister always comes with me to Conventions, she's currently in Alabama and we only get to hang out during the summer and winter. We're twins so it makes it difficult to be far away from each other.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I'm always open to suggestions. If you see me at a convention and know a better way to make some part of my costume, please tell me about it. When it comes to costumes I really love the advice others have given me, it's helped me grow a lot in costume making.
My favorite anime
My Neighbor Totoro Spirited Away Wolf's Rain Cowboy Bebop Trigun Hellsing Zoids Chaotic Century Pokemon Legend of Korra Avatar: The Last Airbender
My favorite game(s)
World of Warcraft Legend of Zelda Pokemon Final Fantasy Call of Duty Katamari Portal
My favorite book(s)
The Great Gatsby I am Charlotte Simmons Warriors (I know i'm a bit old for it, but it's cute) We Were Soldiers once, and Young At Dawn we Slept Harry Potter The Hunger Games (just the first one, the others were just okay) Game of Thrones
My favorite movies(s)
Non-Anime Movies: The Lion King Pride and Prejudice PS I love you Practical Magic Lawless


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