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What got you into cosplay?
At the time, it was a bunch of people who I knew, who needed a Shippo for their group. I was hooked.
What was your first costume and why?
Shippo from Inuyasha. It never was mu choice really, they needed one and since I am a tiny person, I guess I fit.
What is your favorite costume and why?
Well, I don't have a lot. I think now it's my Seras costume, cause I'm so proud of that one. I actually didn't think it would turn out looking good, and no one would even want a picture. I'm glad I was wrong. :)
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
Hm. Oh, yes, yes I do. I just thought of it. I really want to make on of Padme's dresses. Don't ask me why, its like this little voice in the back of my head telling me to do it...
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Otakon 2007. I think its one of the first years I actually had a lot of fun, was part of an amazing group, got along with everyone. It was a good year. :)
Do you participate in masquerades?
HA! Please, I would never wanna show up the--I mean, I'm not good enough for that yet. Right, thats it. :P
What was your best masquerade experience?
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
Not yet. ;)
Tell us a little about yourself
I'm currently going for my BFA, at a small art college in PA. Love to draw, (obviously) write, read, LOVE MOVIES. Uh, I work at a toy store, that owns my soul. I have a large Italian family, am a tiny person with a huge voice. Overall, I'm just happen to think I'm awesome, but that might just be me. =P
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I like to chat, meeting new people is great. Feel free to IM me anytime. You might wanna let me know your from here though, lol.
My favorite anime
ESCAFLOWNE my first love, you shall never leave me. Oh, yea, and theres the others, Cowboy Bepop, Inuyasha, HELLSING, my new love...heh.
My favorite book(s)
I'm really getting into graphic novels again. Love mysteries and thrillers.
My favorite movies(s)
To many to name, honestly.


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