About Me / Q&A

What got you into cosplay?
Acting and Smash Bros
What was your first costume and why?
Depends on if you count my Old School Super Mario for a school parade. The timeI just wore a suit and someone called my zinnigata (lupin the thrid) and ran with it. Or the first time I went to anime matsuri as mario.
What is your favorite costume and why?
Probably my cape and box... T_T Dang it Nintendum.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
Cat Mario/AoT Fire Mario
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
My first time at Delta H. Won TWO awards for my cosplay. Won MVP in cosplay chess. Won everything in the MLP panel. Made a video with someone awesome. And did other cool things.
Do you participate in masquerades?
What was your best masquerade experience?
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
Best Skit Delta H Con: 2012-2013. Judges Awards: Anime Matsuri- 2009, Oni-Con- 2010, Delta H Con- 2012 Most Humorous: Space City Con- 2014 Cosplay Chess MVP:Delta H, Oni, Matsuri, and Akon- 2010-2013 Best Halloween Costume: Lone Star University- 2012 Smash Bros. Tournaments: 1st Place Brawl- 2012 Lonestar, 1st Place Brawl- 2008 TWHS, 1st Place Melee TAMUG 2012-2013. Second Place SSB TAMUG 2012. Semiquarter Finals Brawl- Oni-Con 2011. Other tournaments: 1st Place TvC 2012- Lonestar. Video Game Lock in Group Tournament- Overall Group Place 1st, 1st Place in Mario Kart-2013. TAMUG. Leadership Award- Lonestar,Vice President Anime Club. 2010-2011
Tell us a little about yourself
I am a competitive Smash Bros player. I have won a few times against professionals. I actually came up with mario's side (fire taunt) for project m, and I'm the reason it is in it. I study science, marine biology, marine fisheries, and scuba diving. I have some acting under my belt (thespian). I will actually do voice acting for free for Mario if anyone needs it. I can also sing decently. I love to mimic voices.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I'm a comedian on the side?
My favorite anime
So many. DBZ, Kill la Kill. Angel Beats. One Peace. Hunter x Hunter. FMA:B
My favorite game(s)
... take a wild guess. But seriously, I actually compete in Smash Brothers tournaments.
My favorite book(s)
The Halo series.
My favorite character(s)
Prettttyyy obvious....
My favorite movies(s)
I only see movie's once. I love Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Wreck it Ralph.


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