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What got you into cosplay?
I went to A-Kon when I was twelve and I was so excited to see all the other people dressed up as their favorite characters. I had no idea about these conventions until about a week before it happened because one of my friends told me. The following year I made sure I had a costume ready =)
What was your first costume and why?
Duo Maxwell, the one and only! Why? Hm.. Mainly because I can relate to him in a way [personality-wise]: the happy, bubblie, short-tempered, forgive easily, quick to befriend, smiles although lived through complete hell, forced to grow up too quickly, but always optimistic (although a bit morbid)
What is your favorite costume and why?
It would either be my Duo costume or my Edward Elric costume... but all my costumes have been good to be and gave me great memories!! with Duo and Ed, I can pretty much just be myself without worrying about being out of character. plus... they're my two favorite characters too!
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
Probably a more actuate Edward Elric with automail. I would love to attempted a very elaborate costume or dress, but I haven't found one that I love yet. Okay.. Maybe I lied. I would LOVE to make the pink ballroom dress Ariel wears with her first dinner with Prince Eric, to include the poofy sleeves! =D
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Thats a hard one...I'll write something about each costume... : ) Duo: When all the other people would walk by and pull my hair, only to be shocked that it was real.. Haha Sano: All the guys thought it was totally awesome that there was a female Sano ("Dude! Its a chick Sano!!!") or when I would try to respond to the guys and forget I had lost my voice due to the fact I was sick that weekend... so waving was my form of communication Riza Hawkeye (mini skirt): When the Roy walked by me and mumbled under his breath "mini skirt"!! It cracked me up! Edward: Walking around with my friend who cosplayed as Envy and watching all the Maes glare at her and then at me for hanging around with an Envy. =3 Mizuki: Although no one really recognized this cosplay but a few random strangers, I had made an amazing friend from Chicago who went as the doc and we had the best of times taking pictures.
Tell us a little about yourself
I am originally from Farmers Branch (north of Dallas), Texas. I served in the U.S. Army from 2007 to 2011. I completed one 12 month deployment to Iraq in 09-10. While I was in, I meet my husband and we got married on 09-03-09 and on 10-20-11, we welcomed our first born, Titus. I am currently enrolled at The Art Institute of Seattle in the Fashion Design department. My husband is still serving in the Army so I can only hope we get to stay up here in the Pacific Northwest. I am hoping to get my business, Mac & Shep, started and if everything works out, attend ULCA for my masters in Costuming. =3
My favorite anime
Absolute Boyfriend Bleach DN Angel Elfin Lied Fruits Basket Fullmetal Alchemist Full Metal Panic! Fushigi Yuugi Getbackers Gundam Wing Hana Kimi Mars Nana Naruto Ouran High School Host Club & the list continues...
My favorite game(s)
Devil May Cry DDR Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XII Halo Kingdom Hearts
My favorite book(s)
Anything By: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Dean Koontz J.K. Rowling R.A. Salvatore But I also love: 1984 The Outsiders The Twilight series The Game of Thrones series
My favorite character(s)
Duo Maxwell and Edward Elric
My favorite movies(s)
Way too many to list. My most favorite genre of movies are: Disney, War, and Action. =)
My favorite actors/actresses
Mr. J. Gyllenhaal & Mr. G. Way [yeah yeah, he's a singer, but he's important enough to me to mention!]


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