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About Me / Q&A

What got you into cosplay?
the costumes! i was kind of interested when i went to my first con in 1997, which was otakon. i think that i was more enthralled with anime in general at the time. long story short, i've been wanting to do it for a long time but i was afraid of being the only cosplayer among my friends at the con. now i don't care, and i've made some friends in the process. go me!
What was your first costume and why?
kenshin. i really like his character. he's very in tune with my personality and beliefs, though i'm probably not as patient :D plus, i kind look like him. i have about the same build. i even used to have hair like his, though not red.
What is your favorite costume and why?
the pirate. pirates are totally shweet. it's somewhat of a gag that developed into a costume at my first and the last (for now, as they kept saying) evecon.
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
GIR! or maybe even Zim in his old man outfit. i had the idea to do GIR before kenshin, but i opted out because the costume would be huge and i don't want to store it until i've gotten rid of a bunch of my crap cluttering my parents' house :O my friend had the idea for the old man zim. i think that would be a really amaZING and unique costume.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
cosplaying for my first time ever at otakon 2003. my friend and i were soujirou and kenshin, respectively. i was amazed at the fact that people wanted to take pictures of us. so many pictures too. wild stuff.
Do you participate in masquerades?
yeah, but only one so far. it's tough to get otaku to coordinate :( finally got to do my first masquerade at tekkoshocon 2 (Deaditemon: Gotta Kill'em All). it went as well as could be expected for doing just about everything at the last minute. i'm happy that i did it though, as i don't think anyone would have put enough effort into it to make it the grand spectacle that i had hoped for.
What was your best masquerade experience?
ummm... best, worst, and only so far. see above.
Have you won any awards for your costumes?
yes, at tekkoshocon for the masquerade skit, but it was a small con. little competition. little sleep (i look drained in the pics). so i can't gloat over it :(
Tell us a little about yourself
recent grad with a comp sci master's. dunno what to do now :( i really want to pursue art and movie production... so many schemes. so little time.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
YARRR! I'm a PIRATE! I like vegetables. Especially the ones that YOU hate! YES, YOU!
My favorite anime
bebop and trigun, they've ruined me for all other anime :P ranma's always fun. kenshin. outlaw star was fun. ZIM! (though it ain't japanese) there are so many things to like....
My favorite game(s)
guilty gear xx (love the character designs), evil dead: a fistfull of boomstick, karaoke revolution, and DDR, of course!
My favorite book(s)
i'm not as literate as i'd like to be. snow crash, lotr, HP Lovecraft's writings, heart of darkness. can't remember much more...
My favorite movies(s)
The Last Dragon, Army of Darkness


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