About Me / Q&A

What got you into cosplay?
My addiction to video games! Actually I started to cosplay for real in 2010 but I knew cosplay a way back then ( I think 2007/08?) but at this time I was busy with my graduation and a lot of more work. In 2010 when I started to do costumes on my own and I had some more free time I started for real and kept on doing costumes till now.
What was your first costume and why?
It was Rinoa Heartilly and I finally fulfilled my dream to remake it in 2013. It was fun to see how much you can improve your skills.
What is your favorite costume and why?
Feena from Grandia. It is obvious I think XD Guess how many times I remaked the costume and I am still into it XD
Do you have a dream costume you'd like to make?
I think every project is a dream costume so I guess it will be the upcoming ones.
What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Travelling to foreign countrys for cosplay like Japan Expo!! And of course meeting up with my best friends and family!
Do you participate in masquerades?
Someday I will but I need to gain more experiences
Tell us a little about yourself
I am a student for economics, math and law. Those are the 3 main subjects I have and I love them (althought I had a love/hate releationship with math in my younger years XD) I am married since July 2011 and I live together with my husband who is also a cosplayer. My current hobbies (If I have some free time XD) are travelling and everything art related. I love history too and that's why I love to go to old cities and exploring old cultures ...just like lara croft you know :D?
My favorite game(s)
Grandia, Final Fantasy series, Beyond two souls, heavy rain, journey, dreamfall, pandora's tower, tomb raider, kingdom hearts, sonic, suikoden V, Okami, ICO, shadow of colossus, lollipop chainsaw, catherine.....
My favorite character(s)
Feena ( Grandia ) Alfina ( Grandia3 ) Lara Croft ( Tomb Raider )
My favorite movies(s)
Laputa, Mononoke Hime, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Mr. and Mrs Smith,Lion King, Man in Black, Sucker Punch, .....
My favorite actors/actresses
Vanessa Hudgens, Angelina Jolie, Amanda Seyfried



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