Finished Weapons and Random Pose

Finished Weapons and Random Pose  -  -
Credit to Rawrchu - for giving me the basic idea on how he did his.

also visual aids from KagomeChann and DLGR

Huge Thanks to Elke who made me do this and helped me immensely in the steps to making it.

What I had used to make them -

Pine Wood Planks
Dowel Rods
Model Magic
Hack Saw
Coping Saw
4 type File

*Disclaimer - I did this all by hand and haven't had any experience in crafting props or any weapons (so if I can do it so can you!) - if you have access to any power tools or wood working tools - it will make this project a lot easier.

First go buy two planks of wood whatever you want to use really. I used pine because it was soft and easier to cut/file (mainly because I was using hand tools). Also buy the dowel rods you would like to use they come in various sizes so just look at them and determine what size you want to make your handles. Pick up any tools and/or wood glue/filler you are going to need. You can go to Lowes/Home Depot for this.

Then measure and draw the first blade on the plank. I personally did a poor job at drawing it and measurements so actually doing being precise will make that much better. Then you can cut it out I used a coping saw it took a while until you got used to how to cut with it. You don't want to be on the line exactly so if you miss cut you aren't messing up the form for the blade. Once you are done you can go back and file down the parts where it needs to be on the line. Sand to even it out and then use that blade to copy onto the other plank. Repeat the cutting and filing/sanding.

Once you have that done its time to make the blade point. Personally I didn't do as well as a job as I could have. I didn't have the energy nor the time to really put into filing the blade point by hand. But if you have the time and the patience you can make it look awesome.

A great guide to blade making can be seen here (

Once you have the blade to where you want it, You can start on the dowel rod. You can likely do this a few ways but I did it the way I thought was sturdiest. I measured the blade itself to the dowel rod and cut a slit into it down enough where I could slide the entire dowel rod into it. ( try to make it snug so you the wood glue can adhere pretty well, and fill in any spots with wood filler. You should use a clamp on this so the glue can keep the bond.

Ok now on to the Model Magic - this was a suggestion by Elke, and XxEveillexX. This stuff was pretty easy to use and it air dries, and also once its dried it can be sanded down. Really all you need to do is mold the model magic to the blade even it out as you see fit until its formed the way you want it. ( Either you can do the indentations while you mold it or wait a little and cut it out like I did with a craft knife (exacto knife) - let it dry and then sand down parts till its even. (

Once that is done you can start painting - I am a total n00b with painting so my skillz are kind of crummy, but I will tell you how I did it. First off use primer on the weapons (I didn't and went through 3 cans of silver metallic spray paint XD) I did the yellow first of the hilts because it is easier to cover with newspaper/plastic than the blade itself. Once done I did the silver. ( I wrapped up the hilts with newspaper and electrical tape (I recommend plastic and masking tape) The electrical tape kind of left residue on the bottom of the model magic and the newspaper got wet from the spray paint and sort of stuck to the yellow. (

Once that was done I molded the circle where the handle meets the start of the silver blade. ( I then went out and bought screw eye bolts to attach the chain to. Which in hindsight I should have figured out a way to make that I could actually spin the weapon without the chain going taunt. Connecting the chain was a hassle there is likely an easier way to do it then I did. I personally got lucky with one of the eyes wasn't completely shut so I pried it open and slipped the chain in. but the other I had to go get cut and then connect it. ( I then molded the model magic over the bottom of the handle. (

Letting that dry you can even it out by filing/sanding. After that was all said and done it was time to paint. I used acrylic for this (from Walmart) because the indentations and the circle plus the bottom of the hilt are different colors I mixed some together and painted it on. After that was all said and done I ended up using a spray on Polyurethane to coat the weapons. There ya go! you have Weapon-Form Tsubaki - Kusarigama

If you have any questions feel free to message me and hopefully I can help!

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nikkiolie posted on 04-20-2009 at 05:13 PM:

You did a great job on those props. I am jealous of you abilities

KagomeChann posted on 04-08-2009 at 10:22 PM:

Looks great Black*Star Brothaaaa! Very clean and professional craftsmanship on those weapons!
haha at least pine won't break XD

Crystalike posted on 04-07-2009 at 09:56 PM:

those look so awesome....*drools

DLGR posted on 03-25-2009 at 10:11 PM:

DUDE!! Those are awesome! GRAH! I'm sorry I didn't reply to you! **beats self up** But whatever you did you made them waaaay better than mine! lol!!

I just PM'ed you what I did with mine...**facepalm**. lol!!!

Elke posted on 03-23-2009 at 09:53 AM:

Nice proportioning!

Capt_Lucifer posted on 03-22-2009 at 11:47 PM:

d'aawww why you make such a cute face? lol

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