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Hollow Mask - Bleach - Neliel tu Oderschvank
A word of warning: the clay I used starts to air out quickly so you have to make it kind of fast... I nearly had a heart attack with mine because I was figuring things out as I went along but time was running out. I think I finished the mask within an hour or two XD

I don't remember all of the details since I made it two years ago, but I bought a tub of four 8 oz. packs of white Model Magic Clay and one sheet of black craft foam. First you want to get some plastic wrap and place it over your wig head so that the clay doesn't stick to it. With one pack [I think I used half] I flattened it and formed the base on a wig head. Make sure [where the teeth are going to be] that there is a small platform for you to attach them to. Then, cut a rectangle out of the craft foam and placed it on top of the base [this is for the eyes, but make sure the edges of the black craft foam don't touch the edge of the base.

Next [with a regular piece of paper] draw the shape of one of the eye sockets proportionate to the size of your base.

Then with the other half of the pack you used, you will make another base that will go on top of the base [if that makes any sense]. Flatten the clay and remove the base off the wig head and carefully place it on top of the flattened clay. With a butter knife, cut out the shape of the base - now you have two! Place the original base back on the wig head and you'll have to play around with this part, but carefully place the base copy on top of the base and place the eye socket cut out over it just so you know where you're going to cut it out, when you figured out the spacing, take the top base off and cut out the eye sockets.

So far you should have a base, rectangular cut out of the craft foam and a top base with eye sockets.

Now you are going to attach what you have together. The base should be on the wig head, place the rectangular cut out on top, and over that, place the base with the eye sockets and mold them together at the edges. At this stage, you will shape the clay to look how it does with all of the ridges and bumps and what not.

If there is any remaining clay from the first package use it to make four rectangular shaped teeth [but keep the edges a bit soft rather than pointy because natural teeth aren't pointy rectangles lol]. If there isn't enough remaining clay or none at all, open a second package. Once the teeth are formed, press them onto the platform for the teeth. If need be, you can always add superglue to reinforce the teeth.

Now it's time for the horns. I honestly hated this part because they wouldn't stay lol. With the second package of clay, cut it in half and roll the clay making it thick at one end and thinner at the other [but not too thin]. Do the same with the other half and try to make them the same size! you will need something to place on either side of your wig head to make sure the horns stay on place - you will have to superglue them numerous times. If need be, you may have to rest your wig head so that it's on it's back so that the horns don't fall off. As it dries, the horns will kind of separate from the mask, so just fill in the gap with super glue. The awesome thing about the combination of the glue and the model magic clay is that it looks like bone when it's dry. My moms a nurse and she said it looks very bone like. I didn't even have to paint the mask at all!

I think that's really it... It took the mask about a week before I could actually wear it because the clay was still pretty soft - especially in between the sheet of craft foam. My mask [total] took about a month before it was completely hardened, but only a week until it's wearable.

Also, I have dropped my mask numerous times - I went down a slide with it and it went flying off my head and it is still intact. It's actually extremely durable since it should balance itself. I don't think the teeth have ever broken off either lol. You wont need to put anything under the mask to attach it to your head, it should fit rather comfortably - just don't bend over too far XD

I apologize if my mini tutorial isn't clear XD I'm trying to remember everything that went on since [as I stated earlier] I was playing around with it as I went along so I did many things many different ways. I

Hope this helps. And if you have anymore questions, just ask me!

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Chelseahavoc posted on 09-21-2011 at 02:23 PM:

this helps alot thank you!

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