Too obsessed with Silent Hill for my own good.

Too obsessed with Silent Hill for my own good. - Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams, Silent Hill 4: The Room - Maria, James Sunderland, Eileen Galvin, Richard Braintree
Awful picture is awful! The lighting is washing everything out like crazy…So yeah, this mess of a picture is the result of my work over the summer (kind of pathetic all considering, since I've had several weeks to play with things and still wound up procrastinating.) I finally figured out how to make James’ collar (took me 10 minutes, I am the worst at visualizing!!!) so I figured it was time for a wee snack/coscom break. I’m making Maria, nurse Eileen, SH1 Lisa and working on parts of Val’s James & Richard costumes for Ota. After that weekend Val and I plan on doing a Henry/damaged Eileen shoot, hence the cast/bangles/purse/black collar.

The James jacket is going surprisingly well considering I've never lined anything nor have I made an actual jacket ever. It is built 100% from scratch; no patterns, just used Val's beige M-65 (Alex Shepherd) as a rough reference. Tomorrow is the big day as I find out whether or not it fits him like it fits James! Still needs lots of details, and everything must basically be tacked down still. The oddly colored bits are the lining material and are by no means permanent as I simply needed to place them for sizing reference.

Gray shirt: from scratch; still in progress, needs the collar, slit and to be fitted to Val.

James flashlight: a working flashlight that I made by hand. Bought a cheap one in the right style, placed a pair of AAs in it, covered it in model magic and then painted it black and finished it off with shiny modpodge.

Flag patch: cut off the border, sealed the edges. Bought. Other patches will be hand fashioned by me.

Maria sweater: I custom dyed a bought sweater, cut it completely apart and reassembled it after. I was very careful to observe the very slight curvature that her sweater has around the collarbone, and the slight change in size on the bottom seam. The buttons are handmade of course, and I fashioned the loops out of thread for accuracy.

Maria collar: 100% handmade, down to every last leopard spot. It turned out far better than the skirt sadly. The background was painted slightly more pink than the skirt to match the character model, and each spot is just about scaled to the right size. I had to repeat the pattern at the very end because I made them a little small. The black part is velvet ribbon. The coin was painted and I made the US quarter design out of model magic. Still needs Velcro to close it.

Maria skirt: a huge disaster…what can I say? It has taken me WELL over 12 hours, isn’t as “spot on” as I’d like to say the least, and the back looks better than the front T_T. For the most part the spots are accurate to the model render (they are better on the back ughh…on the front they should have been a little bigger. Apparently leopard spots are somewhat of an optical illusion. It looked right before I filled them in, should have realized that would happen.) I also had to redo the front after a painting mishap (due to my laziness of course…) and I am not sure I’m so “wild” about it anymore. Terrible leopard puns courtesy of my exhaustion…and frustration with this damn skirt.

Maria cleaver: made out of sanded balsa wood. I rounded the top edges slightly and created a very slight beveled edge in it. Painted with different colors of silver, and coated with 3 layers of shiny modpodge because hers is SO shiny in the game. The handle is actually a dollar store find, and it came from a toy set that had an axe in it. “Chopped” the axe head off and used the handle for the cleaver. Man, these puns are getting so bad now...

Maria boots: bought slouchy beaded cowboy boots and modified them to be like Maria's. I still need to figure out a way to make that middle seam :P The heel and sole have been painted, and the bridge between the front/back heels is actually done by me since the boots were missing it.

Maria revolver: another dollar store find which has been MIA for the last 3 weeks and I was lucky enough to find it this morning :D! I bought the base in a set and hacked off the barrel of the gun to get it to the right length. I then made the handle out of model magic, sanded it and gessoed the hell out of it. I gessoed the frame of the gun, painted it silver and am now adding shiny modpodge to make it really bright. It still needs the details done and the handle needs painting.

Maria rings: 100% handmade by me, and carefully painted to match the color of her rings. The big silver one has shading to match the model map.

Maria belt: “links” on the belt were made by me, as were the side pieces and the eagle coins.
Eddy & Mary eggs: made out of wooden eggs which I painted.

Eileen nurse boots: I covered some boots that I got for like 4 bucks with white fabric. Covered bias tape in my crazy fabric and made the stripes, and made hearts out of paper that I also covered with fabric. The heel is built up using model magic; it needs painting and a pink matching strip at the bottom.

Eileen nurse gloves: bought to save me the headache of making fingered long gloves…taken in at the seam, and I used my bias tape/paper heart method to make the design on the top. It curves in a little, which I onlyyyy just figured out this last week in spite of having pictures of this outfit for years on my computer…

Eileen collars: my original black lace collar was SUPER inaccurate (for shame) so I remade it; it fits a wee bit wider on my neck than hers does, but I prefer the look of the mesh/lace combo to only using lace. The nurse version was made with the same lace, and a piece of ribbon covered in fabric.

Eileen cast: made for my purple dress as I don’t want to add blood to the nurse outfit. Made out of lots of random things, but the outside is covered it cotton gauze that I custom dyed with black tea to match the dingy look of her bandages. The arm/leg bandages will be fashioned out of the same material.

Eileen chain: bought the biggest chain I could find at the Home Depot (which was kind of expensive sadly) and bought a darker spray paint to treat it with. This prop was kind of expensive, weighing in at 17 bucks for something that you'd think would have been 5...I'm happy with it though; I think it might be a little TOO kinky to wear this outfit and borrow my mom's horse whip again :| The chain is very heavy and could actually do some damage should I need to brave the streets of B-more by myself at any point...

Eileen bracelets: WIP obviously, but her bangles have quite an interesting design on them that I should be able to recreate fairly well. I love modpodge as it saved these sorry things from being tossed in the trash. They’re each made from cheap headbands and have model magic around them and have been plied with over 10 coats of modpodge to seal the cracks in the model magic.

Richard shirt: dyed using blue, gray and green to get that drab colored shirt that he has. The shirt was bought; it started out life as a white woman’s shirt and will be transformed into a men’s dress shirt. Still needs the stripes, to be fitted, and perhaps I may make the collar bigger/pointier if I need to.

Richard’s tie: made totally from scratch; traced a normal sized men’s tie, sewed it up and then worked on painting the design on for many hours over the span of several days.

Richard’s ammo pouch: made entirely from scratch, including the frame on the inside to help hold its’ shape. It is a fully functional bag, closes with a snap and has been “painted” to have a more red hue.

Saint medallion: made out of a wooden disk, model magic, wire, a bail, chain and a lobster clasp. Features St. Alessa holding a baby of course :3

Holy candle: WIP, needs the intricate design on it. The candle was bought and I painted it white and applied a coat of modpodge to it.

Not pictured: Lisa Garland...mostly because I don't have anything done on it yet aside from the shoes.

/progress summary.

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CreativeGuy posted on 08-13-2011 at 12:35 PM:

I'm proud of you! Awesome!

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