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Black cosplayerS!

I'm beginning how many of us there really is! Sound off if you're black!!!! WHOO!!!!! ME!!!!!!

Black Cosplayers Thread
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November 14, 2007
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Update - February 25, 2008 - Monday

Wow. This thread has sure grown since the beginning of 2003 (i'm so lame, i started this thread on New Years Eve instead of somewhere partying my butt off. Well, that's what i get for being 14.)I've learned a lot about myself and cosplay through this thread and I thank it. This thread has opened the eyes of many people - both African American + other minorities and majorities -. I'm very happy i was 'brave' and 'bold' enough to start this. And, its continuing to grow! 5 years in and this thread has gained lots of new people and new friends. So i raise my glass to the Black Cosplayers thread.

Now, dont be afraid to come in and introduce yourself. I know the amount of posts and pages may be a bit overwhelming, but we're cool people

UPDATE: October 19, 2008 - Sunday

Lurkers and everyone alike, no segregation going on here. EVERYONE is welcome to post. We encourage IT! We're here to help, talk about cosplay, plan meetings at cons, etc. Its your basic, seeking cosplayers thread.

Update: December 27, 2008 - Saturday

New "feature" i'm trying out. Weekly Questions!
Week 1. How did you get into cosplay?
Week 2. What is your favorite/least favorite convention and why?
Week 3. What is your main pet peeve for cosplay and/or conventions? Life?
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