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Originally Posted by Skyline Kyo
Well first of all, Miroku is a -tad- bit of a pervert... XD

But my uncle in Korea is not fond of the Japanese (we had lots of debates regarding this subject while I was visiting Korea) and well, Miroku's outfit is very japanese.

But no matter, I won't let that get in my way. Miroku power and Sango beware!!! Hehehe, *gets smacked in the head by girlfriend*

yah, i know about that issue. some people just cant let go, but then again, the japanese did ALOT of wrong specially during and before WW2, specially towards korea. and now theres this persistant thing about trying to take away an island that belongs to korea, i think its called 독도? and the name of the sea? "the sea of korea" or the "sea of japan"

i have a uncle like that when i was in korea but he didnt care much when i told him about cosplay.

as for miroku!! yup yup ^^ i love the miroku sango pair!!!

oooh, *remembers when miroku proposes to sango* ^^
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