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Well, Tekko is behind us now(hopefully) and now we can look towards the future. As things happen, if you're looking for something local to sate your con-going needs then Penguicon is this next weekend at the Novi Sheraton. Its a fun little con with quite the variety as its a Sci-Fi con and Linux Expo(As ND put it, "Linux IS Sci-Fi") as opposed to an Anime or Comic con. Also the reg is worth it for the con suite alone, but there is also a lot to do there and the video programming is almost all Anime. Aside from that there is also a dealers room with lots of stuff that you won't see at an Anime con and a masq that's not all FMA or FFX-2. I'll be there most of the weekend myself and I believe Maguis T should be there as well. Also we'll have a table for Youmacon there(yay!). Can I interest anyone in attending?
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