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Ok, I know that I have bee seriously ripped off. My wig barely has any hair left. T__T Though it might be because I fitted it on a container so it stretched.

Ok for my lacus wig, I did:

8 squeezes of magenta
8 squeezes of white
1 full plastic cup of Rubbing alchohol.

When I sprayed it on, it looked alright but I think I'll have to put about 10 squeezes of white next time because after it's set, the pink is quite dark.

Ok here's my suggestion to people:

- Spray bottles are not always ideal, I think you might be better off getting a tray, pouring the mixture in there and soak the wig in. Why? Coz I keep missing the opening of the spray bottle with the rubbing alchohol.

- To get rid of the paint on your balcony or back yard floor, use Eucalyptus oil. It'll get rid of it and leave a refreshing smell. If you can't get rid of some of the harder stains, use terpentine or metho.

- make sure your plastic cup doesn't have holes at the bottom.

- Be aware that there is more hair underneath your first layer.

- Gundam model boxes are useful.

Ok, I haven't finished my wig coz I ran out of rubbing alcohol. I did a brief measurement with a tiny measuring cup and 8 squeezes of FW ink is about 16ml(it's either 6 or 16, i forgot, but one squeeze was around 2ml imo).

A full cup of rubbing alchohol is about 160mls or so.

Hope that helps.

Oh and I used newspaper under my wig. It's good but one or two sheets wont work. PUT THE WHOLE STACK UNDERNEATH!!

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