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Well after a bit of experimentation I've finished dying my wig using the Acrylic dye method. =D

I started with a 613 Platinum Blonde wig and used the Process Magenta and Purple Lake ink to mix the color. ^_^

I did edn up having to dye the wig twice. XD

Frist Round:
10 (full droppers) Magenta
4 (full droppers) Purple
1 cup 70 Alcohol
The color didn't turn as dark as I needed it and it wasn't sticking to the roots very well. XD The color was also much lighter than I need, so I played around with the recipe a bit.

Round Two:
20 (full droppers) Magenta
10 (full droppers) Purple
Half cup of 90 Alcohol
This time the dye took very well, especially to the roots. Half a cup was the perfect amount to cover the entire wig and touch up the roots. The color is a touch lighter than I would have wanted, next time I'll start with a different base color wig if I need a darker finish. I think uping the alcohol proof help as well.
I did rinse and dry the wig inbetween each dye treatment and let it dry. So if your trying for a darker color I would suggest uping the amount of ink and the proof of the alcohol, and also reduce the amount of alcohol. ( I hope that makes sense. XD)

Here are some pictures for ya!
The character is Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam Seed Destiny
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