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Originally Posted by Raenef
I think Hae Shin cosplay would be very nice. ^^ Wonderful costumes... I just can't seem to get into the show itself because they speak Chinese >.<;; and I can't read Korean too fast. *cough*

I think I'll do an 'Arahan' (movie) cosplay one day... I found it mildly amusing. ^^
O_O... hae shin is a KOREAN show and the only time they speack chinese is when yum moon + jang bo go goes to china. and even when they are in china, they speak korean 80% of the time. the 20% is when they talk to the chinese for trade dealz with the merchants and when chinese people are talking to each other. XD

btw hae shin is based on a true story. jang bo go really was a peasent who became a slave and went to china where he ended up in the prison and ended up becoming one of the well known merchant who defended china against the invaders and went back to korea to defeat the pirates and became a general who saved the shin la dynasty.

but if u ask me, i still likie yum moon better. ^^

arahan was a funny movie. but how r u going to cosplay? they are wearing normal clothes most of the time, unless ur planning to cosplay the evil dude.
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