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Great job on your Rydia, KawaiiEdea!

Yuna Summoner: Ooh, you're doing Sara? That's great! I've been thinking about at some point doing some other more obscure FF costumes, like Amano Maria (someone already did a great CG cosplay of Maria) or Gordon from FFII. I'm trying to get my sister to agree to going as Hilda when and if I do.

KaineMaxwell: You're thinking about doing Fusoya? That rocks! Speaking of old geezers (though not non-playable ones), if I were more convincing as one without some serious prosthetics, it would be kind of fun to go as Strago. Hmm, it's kind of hard to make out the belt other than the fact that it's red and has red and blue tassles hanging off of it. Maybe you could look for something at a local thrift store? They usually have weird 80's belts to go with the embarrassing 80's clothes.

snowkirby: Do you have pics of your Freya lance? Maybe we could help you with it somehow?

Well, I never got around to completely finishing my costume last weekend, therefore no pics, because I was throwing my friend a birthday party, but I'll work on it some more this week. Hopefully I can finish for next weekend. I don't have too much more to do, just some finishing touches.
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