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Originally Posted by angel_peach
I've recently started on a Seth cosplay (the green cover one). Thanks to people in this thread, I finally have enough reference pics to figure out her outfit. ^-^
However, I'm still not sure about the hat. Does anyone know what it's supposed to look like from the back?

I bought a new TB book from Animate last time I was there (Canon: Summa Theologica, I think it's called) and it has a few pics in the beginning, and there is one gory pic of Abel, Cain and Seth, but it has the back of her hat. I hope to scan it tonight and I'll put it up for you.

There's also a pic of Lilith, but she's not wearing a sari, it's a white dress of some sort. And several other pics of other people whose names I don't know off the top of my head.

I was looking for pics of Seth's weapon, but there didn't seem to be one in that image I had (was hoping there was). I don't own all the novels yet... I would only really buy them for the pics, which I assume will end up in the artbook anyway.
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