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snowkirby: Let's see, I-con's in March. I have to worry about Otakon and then moving first, but I'll let you know if I can go. It'd be cool to meet up!

KaineMaxwell: Great! See you at Otakon! If you have any trouble coming up with a ride, check out the thread about rides and rooms, there's probably someone close to you who you could carpool with.

Tenucha: Welcome back to the thread! Yeah, sometimes you'll luck into the right jewelry, but alot of times you'll have to make it yourself. For Celes I took a few liberties with the jewelry because I found something I thought looked nice and Amano-ish, even though it wasn't that way in the picture.

REAL old school? Well, you can never have enough Lockes I always say! But what about Edge or one of the guys from FFII? Like Gordon: or Leon: If you're having trouble finding all the beady bits and jewelry though, snowkirby's right, you could always do a sprite or CG version.
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