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...::cricket:: well i looked back on the past pages on here b/c i was bored...and i totally forgot to mention a few Freya things. because i'm not workin on old-school FF cosplay right now.....bad bad me!

i got the pitchfork, $3 oh yes!! ::dance;: im using a plasticky cardboard to cover the pitchfork part so hopefully it wont become too big and i dont need to use a silly baton for an extension.

and her jacket is done, super glad about the insane-age of the detail that is Freya Crescent. lol. i was gonna take pics via digital cam, but i realized that i dont know how to upload them to the compy :/.....

other than that i've finished Cloud's wall market dress, it was fun! and also been working on Piroko. less fun but still fun. also considering my sketch of Amano Aeris lately, but that'll be a long-term project lol
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