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Originally Posted by Chanté
^^;;;;; oops! Either I interpreted the character design wrong, or the game character designers didn't do their research. Or both. XD I could have sworn she had that princess jasmine ponytail I've been wearing, though! At least my fellow Mina 3P cosplayer Koumori agrees with me! :>
That'd be option B (no research), especially since she isn't wearing anything but white panties underneath. :P She does indeed wear a ponytail, tied off in a couple of places with ribbons.

I used Folkwear's pattern and didn't like it very much; I didn't have any authentic hanbok from Korea to compare it with at the time, but I think the FW pattern would be more successful with a wider band on the ch'ima (if you have a wider, stiffer band and tie it around your breasts, you get decent support without having to worry about fitting other undergarments under there) - both of my Korean ones have that and both are easier to wear. I also used a very soft fabric for the skirt, which looks nice but needs extra support underneath; I'm planning to go back and add a layer of organdy to the ch'ima itself as a sort of built-in slip, as most of the Korean ones I've seen have.

I also definitely second the recommendation to interface the tie. Wish I'd done that.

Here's another question for Korean folks: when I wore Mina at a convention a couple of years ago, a number of Korean people stopped to talk to me about it, and one of them told me that Mina's hanbok looks so matronly that some Korean gamers call her "Mama Mina." But he wasn't able to explain to me exactly what about it would give that impression. I'm sure there must be visual hanbok codes like there are with kimono (where raising or lowering your collar or your obi line a little bit, or wearing certain colors together, can completely change what your outfit is saying about you)... but what are they?
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