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hee~ I got a bunch of "vintage" hanbok a couple years ago from my grandmother's friend since they didn't fit her anymore. If I ever find my digicam, I'll take pics if anyone wants some. <-- this is my "graduation present" summer hanbok - it was after I cropped my hair short... but when it was long, I had a matching long white embroidered ribbon for my braid. (You're supposed to wear the ribbon within your braid but I've found it easier to just sneak it in my hairtie.)

On a side note: I have become completely infatuated with the bujeonji (ribbon-hat thing) that the farmer's parade dancers use in samulnori. ( ) It just looks so fun. ^^ My grandmother finds it hilarious/ridiculous that I want one.

Originally Posted by Koumori
Here's another question for Korean folks: when I wore Mina at a convention a couple of years ago, a number of Korean people stopped to talk to me about it, and one of them told me that Mina's hanbok looks so matronly that some Korean gamers call her "Mama Mina." But he wasn't able to explain to me exactly what about it would give that impression. I'm sure there must be visual hanbok codes like there are with kimono (where raising or lowering your collar or your obi line a little bit, or wearing certain colors together, can completely change what your outfit is saying about you)... but what are they?
I kinda get that impression too... although not really matronly as... old. I'm not sure why but I think it's the colors.

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