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Originally Posted by Koumori
Here's another question for Korean folks: when I wore Mina at a convention a couple of years ago, a number of Korean people stopped to talk to me about it, and one of them told me that Mina's hanbok looks so matronly that some Korean gamers call her "Mama Mina." But he wasn't able to explain to me exactly what about it would give that impression. I'm sure there must be visual hanbok codes like there are with kimono (where raising or lowering your collar or your obi line a little bit, or wearing certain colors together, can completely change what your outfit is saying about you)... but what are they?
the only thing i can think of the reason why they called u "mama mina" aka "mina um ma" is because maybe u had ur hair in a bun? cuz that usually symbolizes as married status as to having a pony braided tail symbolizes not married. its VERY common in korea where the mothers are called by their childrens name and added the word "mother" afterwords. therefore mina um ma, in this case mama mina.
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