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yea i like the green hair terra as well. ::deja-vu:: anyways im workin on the FMV terra as well, or should i say re-doing it ^_^;;. and i know the expensiver sash would pull off the outfit alot better zoralink...but i would probably never forgive myself for spending that much on a sash/scarf. ever.

as of references, whatever floats your boat, it'll turn out great anyways ! some people have mixed the FMV to the Amano art, some take the Amano art and add other original touches. you can even take some stuff from the sprite versions and run with it, :oints to Heidi's Sprite Celes:: whatever goes, as long as everyone knows it's the lovable half-esper you can never go wrong!

and as a terra tip from my experience, try to make the dress more on the red side! oh god my first Terra turned too can see my photo gallery under I-CON24 if you want, i won't stop you ^_^;;
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